Humphrey Fellows

Saeed Ahmed Kasi

Saeed Ahmed Kasi
Mr. Kasi intends to develop his knowledge of public policy analysis and public administration, particularly as they relate to rural development.

Bilal Ahmed Memon

Bilal Ahmed Memon
Mr. Memon’s area of focus is public policy analysis and public administration. He is also interested in human resource development, energy, and integrated infrastructure development.

Mohammed Shaker Ammash

Mohammed Shaker Ammash
Mr. Ammash is interested in studying public policy analysis and public administration as they relate to Iraq and its new democracy.

Karla Dominguez - Gonzalez 2

Karla Dominguez-Gonzalez
Ms. Dominguez-Gonzalez seeks to enhance her knowledge of gender mainstreaming in development policy, including public policy evaluation.

Esther Licnachan

Esther Licnachan
During her time as a Humphrey fellow, Ms. Licnachan’s area of focus is on public policy analysis and public administration as they relate to indigenous communities.

Deidre Nora Moskoff - 2

Deidre Nora Moskoff
Ms. Moskoff hopes to expand her knowledge about leadership development to build synergy between organizations to activate social cohesion and change in South Africa.

Medgat Olzhayev

Medgat Olzhayev
During his time as a Humphrey Fellow, Mr. Olzhayev is interested in studying issues surrounding public-private partnerships (PPP), his area of expertise in addition to foreign investment.

Sanaullah Abro

Abro Sanaullah
Mr. Abro seeks to expand his knowledge of and exposure to American trade management, Customs operations and strategy of economic development.

Bo Song

Bo  Song
Mr. Song seeks to enhance his knowledge of nonprofit management and organization and program planning.

Andrea Svakova

Andrea Svakova
Ms. Svakova intends to learn a systematic approach to public policy formation and public decision-making. She is specifically interested in innovation, technology and information.