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Humphrey Fellows


Syed Faisal Ahmed
Mr. Syed Faisal Ahmed was most recently the Director General Levies Force for the Home and Tribal Affairs Department, Government of Balochistan (a province of Pakistan), where his responsibilities include overseeing the working of 18000 strong Levies Force...


Jahanzeb Akhtar
Ms. Jahanzeb Akhtar was most recently the Commissioner of Income Tax in the Ministry of Finance, Government of India, where she handled tax dispute resolution for corporate taxpayers. She is interested in training policies for tax organizations to create professional expertise...


Temitope Aladesanmi
Dr. Temitope Aladesanmi was most recently the Team Lead, NOC, Training and Internet Services at the Information Technology and Communications Unit at Obafemi Awolowo University, , Ile-Ife, Nigeria where he is responsible for administering the University Internet Services and Data Center...


Kokou Amouzou
Mr. Kokou Amouzou was most recently the Information Technology Manager at the Ministry of Planning and Development, Government of Togo. He wants to develop his knowledge of the management of information and technology systems, security of IT, electronic identity management...


Eduardo Cochella
Mr. Eduardo Cochella, a former Navy Officer, was most recently the Director Senior Advisor at the Peruvian National Merchant Marine Academy, working with issues related to strategic planning, organizing, defense, security, and international affairs....


Uran Esengeldiev
Mr. Uran Esengeldiev was most recently the Vice President and Technical Director at JSC Kyrgyztelecom, were he is in charge of technical development organizational management and negotiates with telecommunication regulatory agencies and operators...


Claude Fanohiza
Mr. Claude Fanohiza was most recently the Decentralization and Governance Officer at the Integrated Growth Poles Project, which is funded by the World Bank. His responsibilities included securing and improving the finance resources’ management of public institutions...


Vladislav Kulminski
Mr. Vladislav Kulminski was most recently the Political Adviser to the Prime Minister of Moldova, where he advised the Prime Minister on domestic politics and reforms. He was heavily involved in efforts to push reform in a number of areas, including public administration...


Thiri Maung Maung
Ms. Thiri Maung Maung was most recently the Head of Branch I/Second Secretary for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of Myanmar. There, she is in charge for trainings that are jointly conducted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other international institutions...


Filip Mitrovic
Mr. Filip Mitrovic was most recently the Assembly Speaker for the City of Pancevo, where he is responsible for the Pancevo Assembly’s overall direction and management, guiding deliberations by calling items on the daily agenda. He has served as a Deputy Major of Pancevo, as well...


Andre II Emmanuel Ndjalle
Mr. Andre Ndjalle was most recently the State Inspector/Chief Brigade of training at the Supreme State Audit Office. He hopes to focus on public financial management, public finance governance and revenue administration performance audit, to enhance his ability in conducting performance audit...


Nandita Suneechur
Ms. Nandita Suneechur was most recently Assistant Director/CR at the Independent Commission Against Corruption. She hopes to focus on strengthening of governance structures in the public and private sector, key corruption risk areas and the development and monitoring of compliance mechanism...