Humphrey Fellows


Dastan Abdyldaev
Dastan Abdyldaev for the past 10 years was the leading the Expert of the Economics and Investments Division in the Prime Minister’s Office of Kyrgyzstan. He wants study the efficiency of anti-corruption strategies and their impacts on economic growth. Dastan also wants to gain practical experience with local, federal, and international organizations. He holds an MA in International Relations from Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan, a MPA from the Academy Public Administrations under the President of Kyrgyzstan and a Bachelor’s degree in Finances and Credit from the International Academy of Management, Law, Finance and Business in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

Samir Akhundov

Samir  Akhundov
Samir Akhundov was most recently the director of the "Intellect" Non-Governmental Youth Organization in Azerbaijan. Here he worked with young leaders, provided necessary facilities for their development and used their potential in a social, moral and educational improvement of the society. He collaborates with government bodies, local and international organizations and served as one of only two organizations for over 248,000 youth in the south of Azerbaijan. Thousands of young people were the beneficiary of his projects. Samir’s program focused on gaining knowledge about youth NGOs in the US which will help him improve and support democratic processes in Azerbaijan. He earned a BA in Education from Lankaran State University in Azerbaijan.

Binta Balde

Fatoumata Binta  Balde
Fatoumata Binta Balde was most recently directing Revenue Mobilization in the Cabinet of the Ministry of Budget of Guinea. She has strengthened the tax and collection systems by encouraging reform in the policy, regulatory and institutional framework for revenue mobilization and established clear and transparent strategies to the entire revenue collection system. Binta’s area of focus is the mobilization and securitization of tax revenue as a key to fight corruption and enhance domestic financing. She earned a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration from the John Molson School of Business, a Certificate in Business & Entrepreneurship from the University of Nevada, and a B.SC in Economics from the University of Montreal.

Panoreja Buklevska

Panoreja Buklevska
Panorea Buklevska is currently a product owner at the software development company DoXteam. Previously, she was the Marketing and PR Manager of Re-Aktiv, a business environment and software reform consultant for clients such as the World Bank and IFC. She has served as a management board member in MASIT, Macedonian IT Chamber of Commerce. Her concerns relate to marketing to build her public policy and analysis capabilities as well. She earned a master’s degree in Management and Human Resources from The Institute for Sociological, Political and Juridical Research at Saints Cyril and Methodius University of Skopje, Macedonia, and a degree in English Language & Literature from the same institution.

Floyd Douglas Nicolas Pichay

Floyd Douglas Nicolas Pichay
Floyd Douglas Nicolas Pichay was most recently head of the Senate Legislative Research Service of the Philippines, where he oversees a research team that conducts research, analysis, and technical assistance to the Philippine Senate and its President. He has also served as a lawyer and legal consultant and is also a published poet and playwright. Nicolas would like to gain an experiential understanding of the U.S. federal system and examine how to democratize power, improve governance, and spread equity through legislation. He received a B.S. in Political Science from the University of the Philippines and a Bachelor of Laws from the University of the Philippines Law School.

Mireille Laurentine Tchakounte Tchatat

Mireille Laurentine Tchakounte Tchatat
Mireille Laurentine Tchakounte Tchatat was most recently Cooperation Department Assistant at the National School of Administration and Magistracy (ENAM) in Cameroon; here she initiates and develops relationships between national and international entities and promotes existing bilateral agreements with international development agencies. Mireille has also served as the Executive Secretary and as the Head of the Office for Civil Service. She will undergo training in public policy analysis and public administration with an emphasis on U.S. public service management standards. She earned her license in Human Resource Management from the University of Dschang in Cameroon and has been awarded two Cameroon National Medals of Honor for her professional experience, effectiveness, efficiency and good behavior at work.

Liva Liepina 1

Liva Liepina
Liva Liepina was most recently a consultant to the State Chancellery of Latvia (Prime Minister’ Office), where her area of responsibilities included developing a human resource development policy for the Latvian public administration focused on public service effectiveness. She is interested in strategic human resource management and in building leadership within public administration. She earned a law degree from the University of Latvia in Riga, Latvia, and a Professional Master’s degree in public administration from the School of Business Administration at Turiba University, also in Riga. She is also a lecturer at the Latvian School of Public Administration.

Pierre Lovens Mérolien

Pierre  Lovens Mérolien
 Pierre Lovens Mérolien was most recently the Presales Engineer at Digicel Haiti, where he developed business solutions products and design and acted as Digicel’s resident expert on ICT applications. He will take classes, visit technology policy agencies and NGOs to learn techniques and skills to help to increase the awareness of technological impact in areas such as telecommunication regulation and good governance in Haiti. Pierre has also worked on an early warning system that communicates flood levels to the government. He received a degree in Telecommunication and Electric Engineering from the University of Pinar Del Rio in Cuba.

Nazla Mariza1

Nazla Mariza
Nazla Mariza was most recently the Program Director at the Center for Public Policy Transformation where she leads the policy team to provide evidence-based policy analysis and training for policymakers. She has been working closely with high level ministry officials, mayors and district heads to contribute to the development of several regulations. She is interested in developing her capabilities in using data and information for better policymaking and broadening her network with policy actors in the US.  She earned a Master's in Development Studies from the Institute of Development Studies at University of Sussex through the award of Chevening. She also received an Executive Education certificate from Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore.

Sutharsan Sambasivam

Sutharsan Sambasivam
Sutharsan Sambasivam is an officer in the Sri Lanka Administrative Service and was most recently the Assistant District Secretary of Jaffna in Sri Lanka. He has also served as the Deputy Project Director of the Strategic Cities Development Project, Emergency Northern Recovery Project, Re Awakening Project and the Assistant Commissioner of Labour in the Department of Labour. Sutharsan wishes to undertake a comparative study of democratic governance, reforms, decentralization, post conflict reconstruction and implementation of the inclusive approach for development through collaboration. He earned his Master of Public Administration from the University of Colombo, M.Sc in Organizational Management from the University of Peradeniya, and B.Sc in Agriculture from the University of Jaffna.

Ibrahim Shahristani

Ibrahim  Shahristani
Ibrahim Shahristani was most recently the Chief of Information Officer at the Ministry of Commerce and Industries in Afghanistan. His responsibilities entail aligning policy to support legal structure; implementing IT resources effectively, and introducing innovation in public services. He wants to increase his leadership and technical skills in the area of e-government as well as software systems integration to increase efficiency in government departments. His goal is to help government agencies and policy makers to make better policy decisions in the area of ICT development. He has an M.Sc in Computer Science from the Technical University of Berlin.


Mir Taifa Siddika
Mir Taifa Siddika was most recently at the Ministry of Finance in Bangladesh, where she developed and analyzed budget framework and policy papers for the Ministry of Power and the Energy & Mineral Resources. She previously served in various public offices. Taifa hopes to learn the details of policy analysis with a special focus on organizational performance management to understand and analyze policy development, strategic planning, performance measurement and budgeting. She earned a Bachelor’s and a Master’s of Social Science in Political Science from the University of Dhaka and a Master’s in Public Policy and Governance from North South University in Dhaka, Bangladesh.