Humphrey Fellows


Sulaiman Al-Shandoudi
Mr. Sulaiman Al-Shandoudi has an interest in technology management in government organizations in addition to technology investments. He intends to pursue studies in e-government in order to further his country’s development in effective government-community-citizen infrastructure...


Sania  Battalova
Ms. Sania Battalova’s area of focus is technology policy and management as it relates to education and information services. She is interested in exploring how new technologies play a role in collecting, analyzing and disseminating information within the realm of government service and public participation.

Hazim Hamed

Hazim  Hamed
Mr. Hazim Hamed has an interest in public policy, public administration, capacity building, economic development and leadership...

Kristine Jaunzeme

Kristine  Jaunzeme
Ms. Kristine Jaunzeme is focusing her studies on public organizations and management, public law and conflict resolution as well as civic engagement and participation...

Elena Marchan

Elena  Marchan
Ms. Elena Marchan is studying policy analysis, democracy and anti-corruption with an additional interest in humanitarian law and human rights...

Prateek Mohanty

Prateek  Mohanty
Mr. Prateek Mohanty is interested in public administration, policy analysis and good governance with a focus on anti-corruption. He wishes to gain exposure to NGOs working in anti-corruption in addition to open government initiatives such as freedom of information and anti-corruption laws...

Kenyatta Mwawashe

Kenyatta  Mwawashe
Mr. Kenyatta Mwawashe’s area of focus is in public administration, public policy analysis and governance...

Gang Sheng

Gang  Sheng
Mr. Gang Sheng is emphasizing studies in policy analysis and public administration. He has an interest in sustainable development as it relates to China’s emerging markets and limited resources per capita...

Rezwana Siddiqui

Rezwana  Siddiqui
Ms. Rezwana Siddiqui is interested in public policy analysis and public administration with special focus on policy incentives on taxation and investment to spur GDP growth...

Huyamun Bashir Tarar

Humayun Bashir  Tarar
Mr. Humayun Bashir Tarar is undertaking study in public administration, policy analysis, implementation, performance measurement and leadership...

Brahamand Thakur

Brahmanand  Thakur
Mr. Brahmanand Thakur’s area of focus is ICT policy and management as a way to increase social equity and governance. He has an interest in open government and global science diplomacy...

Phone Myint Win

Phone Myint  Win
Mr. Phone Myint Win is engaging in policy analysis and public administration studies with a focus on capacity-building in civil society and NGOs...