The China National School of Administration (CNSA) Partnership

CNSA LogoIn April 1993, the Maxwell School of Syracuse University and the China National School of Administration (CNSA) entered into a historic partnership: the two schools would work together to professionalize the government bureaucracy and to promote reform and innovation in government management in China.

CNSA Group posing on Maxwell stepsThe agreement linked the Maxwell School and its long and distinguished history of training leaders in public service with a bold, new enterprise in China, the CNSA. Established in 1924, Maxwell was the first university-based program in the United States created to prepare people for careers in public service. Today it is one of America’s premiere academic institutions for teaching and research in the management of public affairs. CNSA was founded in 1993. Designated by the State Council of China as the primary institution to provide professional training for senior officials, CNSA is responsible for the design and delivery of a broad range of training programs that are intended to improve the knowledge and skills of senior civil servants and accelerate the process of economic and government reform.

The partnership between Maxwell and CNSA has grown close and spawned regular professional exchanges, annual training events, delegation visits, the publication of books and articles and frequent consultation on public administration training and education, reform and curriculum development. The partnership has served to bring academics and working professionals from both nations together while promoting better understanding between the United States and China.

The Maxwell/CNSA partnership has focused upon the following areas:

  • Assist the Chinese government to professionalize the administrative corps and improve performance and efficiency;
  • Provide a positive influence on China’s transition from the "rule of man" to the "rule of law;"
  • Introduce Western theory and practice in the field of public administration to China where public administration is still a new discipline;
  • Conduct joint research on government reform issues; three books have been published by CNSA with Maxwell’s assistance and,
  • Educate individuals and institutions outside China about the reforms and changes in the country.

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