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Hossein Bashiriyeh

Lecturer, Political Science


Contact Information

408 Maxwell Hall
(315) 443-3917
Curriculum Vitae
Hossein Bashiriyeh CV


Ph.D., Political Theory, University of Liverpool, England, 1982


Political sociology of the Middle East


Middle Eastern Political Systems; Islamic Political Thought; Democratization in the Muslim World; Social Theory and the Middle East; Sociology of Islamic Fundamentalism; Revolution and Revolutionary Change in the Middle East


"The State and Revolution in Iran" (New York: St. Martin’s Press,1984; Reprinted 2011).

"Transition to Democracy: Collection of Essays" [Second Volume] (Tehran: Negahe-Moasser Press, 2008)

"Transition to Democracy: Theoretical Issues" [First Volume] (Tehran: Negahe- Moaser Press, 2006)

"Reason in Politics: 35 Essays on Political Philosophy and Sociology" (Tehran: Negah-e Moaser Press, 2003)

"An Introduction to the Political Sociology of Iran: The Era of the Islamic Republic" (Tehran: Negah-e Moaser Press, 2002)

"Political Science for Everyone" (Tehran: Negah-e Moaser Press, 2001)

"Lessons on Democracy for Everyone" (Tehran: Negah-e Moaser Press, 2001)

"Obstacles to Political Development in Iran" (Tehran: Gaam-e Naw Press, 2001)

"20th Century Theories of Culture" (Tehran: Ayandeh Puyan Press, 2000)

"The State and Civil Society: Discourses in Political Sociology" (Tehran: Naqd-o-Nazar Press, 2000)

"Sociology of Modernity" (Tehran: Naqd-o-Nazar Press, 1999)

"New Theories in Political Science" (Tehran: Novin Press, 1999)

"Civil Society and Political Development in Iran" (Tehran: Novin Press, 1998)

"History of Political Thought in the 20th Century" [2 volumes]; vol I, Marxist Thought; vol. II, Liberal and Conservative Thought (Tehran: Nay Press, 1994-96)

"The Kingdom of Reason" (Tehran: Novin Press, 1993)

"Political Sociology: Role of Social Forces in Political Life" (Tehran: Nay Press, 1993)

"Revolution and Political Mobilization" (Tehran: Tehran University Press, 1991) 

Research Interests

20th Century Political Thought; Democratic Transitions; Thomas Hobbes 

Research Projects

Transition to democracy in the Middle East