You're a Maxwell Student

If you are a graduate student at the Maxwell School, you are part of a community of almost 800 aspiring scholars and future public affairs practitioners.

In the social sciences, nearly 400 are pursuing advanced degrees (including 150-plus working on their dissertations, post-coursework). In the professional programs there are almost 300, including 100 or so midcareer students, some part-time. (In the fall, an additional cohort of 80 or so third-semester IR students are completing off-campus internships.) 

As a body, you are diverse. Typically, more than half of Maxwell graduate students are women. About 30 percent hail from countries other than the United States (at last count, close to 60 different nations). And, among domestic students, 15 percent are African American or Latino.

If you are an undergraduate at the Maxwell School, your community is even larger. More than 1,700 undergrads at Syracuse University pursue majors in the social sciences. Or you may be among the 500-plus pursuing minors. Or perhaps you're doing both.

Offered here are selected links - entry points - to help you navigate the rich resources available at the Maxwell School website.



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