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Maxwell School
Maxwell / Department of Geography

Culture, Justice and Urban Space

Description: Urban geographers at Syracuse join the study of urban landscapes, politics, and processes to broader struggles for racial and gender equality, social justice, and political transformation. Through projects that range from constructing urban geographies of memory to deconstructing new spatial strategies of refugee containment in settler societies, Syracuse geographers draw on a variety of methodological and theoretical perspectives, particularly social theory, to interrogate the production of urban spaces and experiences. With connections to historical, feminist, cultural, and Marxist geographies, urban geographers in this research cluster focus their scholarship and teaching on North America, Europe, southern Africa, the Caribbean, and elsewhere. In doing so, they pay particular attention to the ways that gender, class, and race/ethnicity are drawn into the creation and negotiation of the urban built environment and social systems. Current research topics include struggles over urban public spaces, operations of borders across scales, Latino migration’s impacts on racial formations and politics, the feminization of professionalized work, and geographies of memory in postindustrial cities in Central New York and border cites in eastern France.


Don Mitchell (Cultural geography, historical geography, labor, social theory, Marxist approaches to geography)
Anne Mosher (Historical geography, urban geography, social geography, United States)
Alison Mountz (Social geographies of transnational migration; cultural geographies of power, the nation-state, and the border; feminist and urban geography; research methodologies)
David Robinson (Historical geography of Latin America; colonial urban space; documentary sources)
John Western (Social geography, cultural geography, urban geography, France, Southern Africa)
Jamie Winders (Race/ethnicity, gender, migration, social theory, US South, urban and historical geography, research methods)

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