Dellplain Latin American Studies

Editor, David J. Robinson

Editorial Advisory Committee
David Brading, History Department, Cambridge University
John K. Chance, Anthropology Department, Arizona State University
Jock Galloway, Geography Department, University of Toronto
John E. Kicza, History Department, Washington State University
Asunción Lavrin, History Department, Howard University
Karin Rosemblatt, History Department, Syracuse University
Eric Van Young, History Department, University of California, San Diego

  • No. 1 Social Fabric and Spatial Structure, edited by David J. Robinson
  • No. 2 New Towns for Colonial Brazil: Spatial and Social Planning of the Eighteenth Century, Roberta Marx Delson
  • No. 3 Carl Sauer's Fieldwork in Latin America, Robert C. West
  • No. 4 Studying Latin America: Essays in Honor of Preston E. James, edited by David J. Robinson
  • No. 5 First Among Equals: Great Britain and Venezuela, 1810-1910, George E. Carl
  • No. 6 Amazon Economics: The simplicity of Shipibo Indian wealth, Roland W. Bergman
  • No. 7 The Mining Society of Potosí, 1776-1810, Rose Marie Buechler
  • No. 8 Studies in Spanish American Population History, edited by David J. Robinson
  • No. 9 The People of the Colca Valley: A Population Study, Noble David Cook
  • No. 10 Tierra Adentro: Settlement and Society in Colonial Durango, Michael M. Swann
  • No. 11 Andean Reflections: Letters from Carl O. Sauer While on a South American Trip Under a Grant from the Rockefeller Foundation, 1942, edited by Robert C. West
  • No. 12 Credit and Socioeconomic Change in Colonial Mexico: Loans and Mortgages in Guadalajara, 1720-1820, Linda Greenow
  • No. 13 Once Beneath the Forest: Prehistoric Terracing in the Río Bec Region of the Maya Lowlands, B. L. Turner, II
  • No. 14 Marriage and Fertility in Chile: Demographic Turning Points in the Petorca Valley, 1840-1976, Robert McCaa
  • No. 15 The Spatial Organization of New Land Settlement in Latin America, Jacob O. Maos
  • No. 16 The Anglo-Argentine Connection, 1900-1939, Roger Gravil
  • No. 17 Costa Rica: A Geographical Interpretation in Historical Perspective, Carolyn Hall
  • No. 18 Household Economy and Urban Development: Sao Paulo, 1765- 1836, Elizabeth Anne Kuznesof
  • No. 19 Irrigation in the Bajío Region of Colonial Mexico, Michael E. Murphy
  • No. 20 The Cost of Conquest: Indian Decline in Honduras Under Spanish Rule, Linda Newson
  • No. 21 Petty Capitalism in Spanish America: The Pulperos of Puebla, Mexico City, Caracas, and Buenos Aires, Jay Kinsbruner
  • No. 22 British Merchants and Chilean Development, 1851-1886, John Mayo
  • No. 23 Hispanic Lands and Peoples: Selected Writings of James J. Parsons, edited by William M. Denevan
  • No. 24 Migrants in the Mexican North: Mobility, Economy, and Society in a Colonial World, Michael M. Swann
  • No. 25 Puebla de los Angeles, Industry and Society in a Mexican City, 1700-1850, Guy P. C. Thomson
  • No. 26 Generations of Settlers: Rural Households and Markets on the Costa Rican Frontier, 1850-1935, Mario Samper
  • No. 27 Andean Ecology: Adaptive Dynamics in Ecuador, Gregory Knapp
  • No. 28 Disease and Death in Early Colonial Mexico: Simulating Amerindian Depopulation, Thomas Whitmore
  • No. 29 Veracruz Merchants, 1770-1829: A Mercantile Elite in Late Bourbon and Early Independent Mexico, Jackie R. Booker
  • No. 30 Encomienda Politics in Early Colonial Guatemala, 1524-1544: Dividing the Spoils, Wendy Kramer
  • No. 31 The People of Quito, 1690-1810: Change and Unrest in the Underclass, Martin Minchom