Department Facilities

Excellent facilities exist to support the Geography Department. These facilities include:

Geography Computing Laboratories

The Department oversees two computing laboratories that support research, teaching, and community outreach in the various fields of spatial information and analysis (e.g., geographic information systems, computer cartography, remote sensing, and spatial statistics). Both facilities support major cartographic, geographic information system (GIS), and statistical software. Printing, digitizing, and scanning equipment enable ready input and output of spatial information.

Geography faculty and graduate students may use the facilities for research purposes. Lab access is also granted to undergraduate Geography majors in techniques courses (e.g. GEO 381, 383, 386) and who require access to the lab for further related project or thesis work.

  1. Integrated Spatial Dynamics (ISD) Laboratory
  2. Geographic Information and Analysis (GIA) Laboratory

Physical Geography Laboratory (Heroy Hall)

Physical geographers at Syracuse University conduct field research in temperate, cold and tropical environments, assessing relations between several biophysical processes. Processing and analysis of field samples is conducted in the state-of-the-art biogeomorphology lab designed for physical geography faculty and graduate research. The facility is housed in the Geology building on campus. The facility has approximately 400 m2 of space divided into a sample preparation area, a clean room, and a tree ring analysis room. Equipment includes a Ro-tap sieve shaker, sample splitter, furnace, oven, stereographic and petrographic microscopes, analytic balances, Micromeritics Sedigraph and autosampler, and Vellmex unislide. Available field equipment includes TDS meters, pH meters, flow meters, snow corers, GPS units, and assorted survey and sampling tools. For further information contact: Dr. Susan W. S. Millar,

Bird Library

Main university library with over 2 million volumes including extensive holdings for geographic research

Cartographic Laboratory (Steele Hall)

The Cartographic Laboratory provides facilities for map preparation, reproduction, etc. The Cartographer’s principal duties are to prepare maps and graphics for faculty teaching and research and other needs. The Cartographer is also available to offer advice and technical assistance to graduate students. Joe Stoll is the staff Cartographer.

Preston James Library (Eggers Hall)