Geographic Information and Analysis (GIA)


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If you experience problems using any of the equipment in the lab, contact Maxwell ICT.


13 Dell Precision 450 workstations. Specs: Pentium XEON/533 processors running at 2.8 GHz. 1GB of RAM each. CD-RW (all).  3.5" floppy and 250 MB Zip drive.E014-01 has a DVD-RW and 2GB of RAM


2 standard black/white laser printers; tabloid-size color inkjet printer; standard color laser printer (restricted access); 36" color plotter (restricted access)


2 standard-size color scanners, 1 Tabloid sized scanner; and 1 36" panchromatic scanner (restricted access).


2 small digitizing tablets (12X12" and 18X24"); 44" digitizing table. Available upon request (must give at least 2 business days advanced notice).


Please check the software chart in the lab to determine which machines have the software you need.

Projects and Data

Every Students taking a class in the GIA Lab will have access to class folders as well as ESRI Maps and Data.

If you would like to access maps and data, please contact Maxwell ICT.