Shin-Yi Hsu Scholarships 2014

Shin-Yi Hsu scholarship. Professor Shin-Yi Hsu is a graduate of the Syracuse University Geography Department, holds a Ph.D. in Geography from UCLA, and currently teaches at University of Binghamton.   He has very generously established a scholarship fund for Syracuse University Geography Graduate Students who are from Taiwan, Japan, Korea or India. The scholarship competition will provide up to $1750 to support field research. 

2014 Sean Wang, for his innovative, path-breaking research on birth tourism entitled, “Chinese Birth tourism and the Politics of U.S. Birthright Citizenship.” The research award will support field work in California and China interviewing women who are currently, or have, engaged in birth tourism.  Birth tourism is a practice performed by middle-class Chinese families, who have no intention to migrate permanently, but travel abroad to give birth in order to secure foreign citizenship.   The graduate committee selected Sean’s project on the basis of its pioneering research questions and agenda, and its likelihood to yield original and new understanding on an unstudied topic.

Past Winners 

2013 – Parvathy Binoy

2012 – Award shared by Mitul Baruah and Sean Wang