Graduate Course List

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Graduate and Undergraduate Courses:

GEO 500: Topics in Geography [see current course list for details]
GEO 551: Research in Environmental and Land Use Policy
GEO 554: Environmental Ideas 
GEO 561: Global Economic Geography
GEO 563 The Urban Condition
GEO 564: Urban Historical Geography
GEO 573: The Geography of Capital
GEO 576/WGS 576: Gender, Place and Space
GEO 578: History of Cartography
GEO 583: Environmental Geographic Information Science
GEO 595: Geography and the Internet

Graduate Courses:

Click for courses offered during Spring 2019 

GEO 600: Seminars in Selected Topics in Geography [see current course list for details]
GEO 600: Water: Environment, Society, and Politics
GEO 602: Research Design in Geography
GEO 603: Geographic Thought 
GEO 606: Development and Sustainability
GEO 609: Readings and Special Work in Advanced Geography
GEO 610: Geographic Qualitative Methods
GEO 655: Biogeography
GEO 670: Experience Credit
GEO 672: Geopolitics and the State 
GEO 681: Map Design
GEO 682: Environmental Remote Sensing 
GEO 683: Geographic Information Systems 
GEO 684: GIS for Urban Environments
GEO 685: Community Geography
GEO 686: Advanced Quantitative Geographic Analysis
GEO 687: Environmental Geostatistics
GEO 688: Geographic Information and Society 
GEO 689: Practicum in Community Geography
GEO 700: Seminars in Selected Topics in Geography [see current course list for details]
GEO 700: Postcolonial Theory and Geographies
GEO 705: Theories of Development
GEO 720: Seminar: Latin America
GEO 730: Political Economy of Nature 
GEO 750: Seminar in Physical Geography
GEO 754: Seminar in Environmental History
GEO 755: Seminar in Political Ecology
GEO 757: Environmental Sediment Mechanics
GEO 758: GIS-Based Geostatistical Methods and Applications
GEO 764/ANT 764/WGS 764: Gender and Globalization 
GEO 772: Seminar in Cultural Geography
GEO 773: Seminar in Economic Geography
GEO 774: Seminar in Historical Geography
GEO 781: Seminar in Cartography
GEO 810: Seminar in Political Geography
GEO 815: Seminar in Urban Geography
GEO 876/WGS 876: Feminist Geography
GEO 970: Experience Credit
GEO 997: Master's Thesis
GEO 999: Doctoral Dissertation