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Maxwell School
Maxwell / Department of Geography

M.A. Requirements

Several coursework requirements apply to the standard 30-hour M.A. Program:

  • GEO 602 (Research Design in Geography)
  • GEO 603 (Geographic Thought, formerly GEO 805

               Option A

    • Two Seminars (numbered 700 or above) from different Geography faculty, and
    • One spatial methods/techniques course (see approved list below)


               Option B

    • One Seminar (numbered 700 or above) from Geography faculty, and
    • Two spatial methods/techniques courses (see approved list below)


  • 30 hours of graduate credit (including option A or B above), with at least 15 of those hours numbered 600 or above.  May include up to 6 hours of GEO 997 (Thesis)
  • No more than 48 hours of graduate credit while M.A. student

Approved list of spatial methods/techniques courses include: GEO 610 (Qualitative Methods), GEO 681 (Map Design), GEO 683 (Geographic Information Systems), GEO 686 (Advanced Quantitative Geographic Analysis), GEO 682 (Environmental Remote Sensing).

For full details please access the Guide to the Graduate Program in Geography.