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Maintaining Satisfactory Performance

M.A. students in good standing are eligible for two years of funding and Ph.D. students in good standing are eligible for three years, post M.A.  Any M.A. or Ph.D. student in good standing must:  1) have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better, 2) not have two or more Incompletes over two semesters, 3) have performed adequately in their Teaching Assistant or other Graduate Assistant assignments, and 4) not have earned any grade C in degree coursework, 5) by the beginning of their 2nd year must have a principal advisor. If no faculty member is willing to serve as a principal advisor, then the student must take a leave of absence until such time as there is agreement to advise. If a principal advisor is not secured within 2 years of the beginning of the leave of absence, then the student is required to withdraw from the program. Failure to meet any of these criteria shall constitute grounds for denial of funding.  Such decisions are made on a case by case basis, and consideration is given to extenuating circumstances (e.g., illness or other personal problems).  Students whose funding has been discontinued for reasons of performance may request reconsideration.

A Master’s degree must be completed within a period of seven years from the semester during which the student registers for the first course to be used in her or his advanced degree program. The maximum time for completion of a doctoral degree is five years from the end of the semester in which the student was admitted to candidacy.