GIA and ISD Laboratories

Lab Rules

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For security and to keep the lab functioning properly please observe these rules:

  1. No eating or drinking in the lab at any time.
  2. Keep the door closed shut (don't prop it open) and ensure that it is closed shut when you leave.
  3. When you finish using a computer remember to log off your account: select close all programs and log on as a different user.  NEVER shut down or restart the computer.
  4. Give priority to users wanting to use peripherals if the peripheral is served by a single computer (e.g., computers that serve scanners, digitizers, etc.).
  5. Remember that the GIA lab is also a classroom. When a class is in session the lab should be considered closed unless prior arrangements have been made with the instructor.
  6. The machines are intended for spatial analysis and mapping purposes (this includes research and GEO techniques course assignments).  Priority must be given to users wanting to use the equipment for these purposes over word processing, e-mailing or surfing the net - please give up the computer readily on request.
  7. Do not store your work on local hard drives – it will be deleted.  If you require additional space for file storage please contact the lab manager.
  8. Do not download or install software on the computers, or delete files that do not belong to you.
  9. Use the color printers for final copies only.
  10. Please be respectful of your fellow students. Do not play radios or other music without headphones and keep conversation low when others are working.
  11. To report any software or hardware related problems, contact Maxwell ICT.

Thank You For Maintaining A Healthy And Safe Lab Environment!