Research Areas

Community Geography

Community Geography

Faculty in this cluster seek to make geography relevant and accessible through action-oriented scholarship and teaching that address social inequalities.
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Environment and Society

Environment and Society

Geographers in this group examine the relationship between society and the environment, employing perspectives from the social sciences, humanities, and natural sciences.
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Researchers take soil samples

Physical Geography, Environmental Science, and Landscape Processes

Physical geographers at Syracuse focus on landscape-shaping processes at a variety of spatial and temporal scales and across a range of environments.
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Researchers Gather Soil Samples

GIS and Geospatial Technologies

Research in this cluster encompasses a range of principles, procedures, and equipment for collecting, analyzing, visualizing, and disseminating information about the earth, its inhabitants, and its physical processes.
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Historical Geography and Geohumanties

Historical Geography and GeoHumanities

Faculty in this group employ archival methods, GIS, critical theory, qualitative methodology, and community engagement to understand how people shape and are shaped by place and landscape.
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Screenshot Showing Political Ecomony Relationships

Political Economy

Faculty in this cluster examine the restructuring of capitalism at multiple scales, using Marxian, post-structural, feminist, and institutional approaches.
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Political Geography Citizenship and Development

Political Geography, Citizenship, and Development

Geographers in this area examine the multiply scaled practices of citizenship, development, and governance and the complex processes through which flows of capital, people, and knowledge are constituted, disseminated, and challenged.
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Urban Space Justice and Culture

Urban Space, Justice, and Culture

Urban and cultural geographers at Syracuse join the study of urban landscapes, politics, and processes to broader struggles for racial and gender equality, social justice, and political transformation.
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