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Sahar Vahidi

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Sahar VahidiHello, my name is Sahar Vahidi. I am a Geography major, double minoring in the arts. I enjoy learning about urban geography, globalization, and geo tagging.

I have always been interested in "the world" and my "place/space" in it. My mother was born in Mexico and my dad was born in Iran. When I was little, my parents would travel throughout the world and bring home tales of their adventures. They are both independent fashion designers. I was raised in a household, which taught me to be extremely open minded and artistic.

I am currently working on building my media company. I want to someday own several magazines and internet platforms. I currently own one magazine, it's called "SHUT UP!". The magazine has a staff of 40 employees. SHUT UP! is available across the United States (booksamillion.com).

SHUT UP! concentrates on emerging music and fashion. It is about supporting the undiscovered. I think too many magazines focus on the mainstream, over publicized trends. I am more interested in featuring people who are still struggling to make their dreams come true.

SHUT UP! often ties into my geography studies. Even in small ways, for example, a lot of designers featured only use organic or recycled materials. SHUT UP! isn't  a "green" only magazine, but it often promotes good earth habits. My upcoming issues are planned to feature topics such as: contamination, consumerism, free trade, etc.

Besides being a publisher, I am interested in metal/punk music and  science fiction television. I will someday attend graduate school to study digital arts and journalism.

For more information on SHUT UP! please call: 646-233-0699 http://www.shutupmagazine.com

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Different SHUT UP! covers. Some photos of wonderful indie musicians: Chris of Saves The Day, Ash of New Years Day and Marta of Bleeding Through.