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Thor Fries

About Thor:

Thor FriesHello!  I’m a senior geography and history major here at SU.  I assume many of those reading this webpage are prospective geography majors and I encourage you all to enter the ranks.  The discipline called to me freshman year sitting in Geography 105.  Using unique philosophies of space and scale, geography encourages a complex and objective understandings of politics, economics, society, the physical environment—virtually every field under the sun.  It is this multidisciplinary view of the world that drew me in.  I became a history and geography double major because geography allows me to understand the past in a nuanced way.  In truth, geography perfectly complements any discipline.  My understanding of geographical concepts has given me a consistent edge over most other students.  It was my interest in geography that gave birth to an undergraduate history thesis on community space in early modern England.  My geographical training in how humans interact with space socially, politically, and economically allowed me to produce an extremely unique paper—one I could never have written with a solely historical background.

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In short, I feel the broadness of geography has prepared me for any future.  I don’t feel bound by the narrowness of most other disciplines.  Given this, I’d like to take my training and apply it in the world of Intelligence and Research.  I think my multidisciplinary background (especially within geography itself) will allow me to think in ways others cannot.  Whether for the EU or USA, I’m not yet sure, but wherever I end up, I believe I’ll enjoy myself.  Within the next few years I would also like to pursue a master’s degree in International Relations.  In any case, happy studies and I hope you all explore the riches of geography in some way!

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