Graduate Student Research


Przybylinski, Stephen
"Liberalizing Democracy: Property, Citizenship, and the Constrained Promise of Self-Governing Houseless Communities" (2020)

Ruiz Reyes, Manuela
"Exploring Campesina/o Youth Subjectivities in Contemporary Colombia" (2020)

Van Ranshorst, Jared
"Being in Transit: Life, Death, and the Politics of Migrant Journeys from Central America to the United States" (2020)

Alves Teixeira, Tiago Roberto
"The State, Aerospace Multinational Corporations and Variegated Forms of Corporate Capture in Regional Training Systems: A Cross-National Comparative Study" (2019)

Contreras, Miguel Alonso
"Regionalist social movements in contemporary Chile: Production of space, place, territory and scale through collective action" (2019)

Hartnett, Justin
"The Contribution of Upper-Level Flow Regimes to Seasonal Snowfall Totals in Upstate New York and the Potential Forcings Behind Seasonal Snowfall Variability" (2019)

Oberle, Patrick
"Valuing Vacancy: Land Banking and Property Governance in the U.S. Rust Belt" (2019)

Swann Quinn, Jesse
"Malleable Territories: The Politics and Effects of Mining Governance in Post-Soviet Georgia" (2019)

Teerakowitkajorn, Kriangsak
"Masculinized Labor Activism and Geographies of Household Reproduction in Thailand’s ‘Detroit’" (2019)

Sica, Carlo
"Gaseous State: A Historical Geography of Natural Gas and the Capitalist State in an Age of Climate Change" (2018)

Speer, Jessie
"Losing Home: Housing, Displacement and The American Dream" (2018)

Baruah, Mitul
"Suffering for Land: Environmental Hazards and Popular Struggles in the Brahmaputra Valley (ASSAM), India" (2016)

Camargo Alvarado, Fabio Alejandro
"Disastrous Waters, Renascent Lands: Politics And Agrarian Transformations In Post-Disaster Colombia" (2016)

Mitchell-Eaton, Emily
"New Destinations of Empire: Imperial Migration from the Marshall Islands to Northwest Arkansas" (2016)

Ritz, Thor
"Marronage Unbound: Colonial Governance and Marron" (2016)

Birge-Liberman, Philip
"The Ghost of Olmsted: Nature, History and Urban Park Restoration in Boston’s Emerald Necklace" (2014)

Coddington, Kate
"Geographies of Containment: Logics of Enclosure in Aboriginal and Asylum Seeker Policies in Australia’s Northern Territory" (2014)

Micieli-Voutsinas, Jacquelyn
"Rummaging Through the Wreckage: Geographies of Trauma, Memory, and Loss at the National September 11th Memorial & Museum at the World Trade Center" (2014)

Wang, He
"Constructing the Global Porduction Networks: Development of the Automotive Industry in Changchun and Shenyang, China" (2014)

Attoh, Kafui
"Rights In Transit: Public Transportation and the Right to the City” California’s East Bay" (2013)

Bhungalia, Lisa
"From the American People”: Aid, Counterinsurgency, and the U.S. National Security State in Palestine" (2013)

Cullen, Declan
"What to Do about Newfoundland? Colonial Reconstruction and the Commission of Government, 1933-1941" (2013)

Cummings, Anthony
"For Logs, For Traditional Purposes and For Food: Identification of Multiple-Use Plant Species in Northern Amazonia and an Assessment of Factors Associated with Their Distribution" (2013)

Villanueva, Joaquin
"The Territorialization of the 'Republican Law': Judicial Presence in Sene-Saint-Denis, France" (2013)

Wells, Kathryn
"Housing Crises, Failed Laws and Property Conflicts in Washington, D.C." (2013)

Asch, Claudia
"A Tale of Three Cities: An Evaluation of Urban World Heritage Management in Mexico" (2012)

Billo, Emily
"Competing sovereignties: Oil extraction, corporate social responsibility, and indigenous subjectivity in Ecuador" (2012)

Delgado, Elvin
"Spaces of socio-ecological distress: Fossil fuels, solar salt, and fishing communities in Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela" (2012)

Lindner, Keith
"Returning the Commons: Resource Access and Environmental Governance in San Luis, Colorado" (2012)

Olson, Brent
"Recreation Capital: Amenity Development, Resource Management, and Outdoor Recreation in Bend, Oregon" (2012)

Shell, Jacob
"The Canal is in the Hands of the Conspirators: Fear of Traffickers and Transport Workers in the British North Atlantic and the Port of New York, 1840-1940" (2012)

Weissman, Evan
"Cultivating the City: Urban Agriculture and the Struggle for Food Justice in Brooklyn, New York" (2012)

Hiemstra, Nancy
"The View from Ecuador: Security, Insecurity, and Chaotic Geographies of U.S. Migrant Detention and Deportation" (2011)

Houston, Serin
"Ethnography of the City: Creativity, Sustainability and Social Justice in Seattle, WA" (2011)

Ashutosh, Ishan
"Crossing Streets, Crossing Nations: South Asian Transnational Subjectivities in Toronto"(2010)

Bryson, Jeremy
"The Nature of Gentrification: Urban Environments and Redevelopment in the Inland Northwest" (2010)

Bustos Gallardo, Beatriz
"Geographies of Knowledge Production in a Neoliberal Setting: The Case of Los Lagos Region, Chile" (2010)

Choi, Eunyoung
"Gender, justice and geopolitics of undocumented North Korean migration" (2010)

Himley, Matthew
"Frontiers of Capital: Mining, Mobilization, and Resource Governance in Andean Peru" (2010)

Wheeler, Michael
“Visualizing the Transportation Effects of Urban Mercantilism: Eastern New York, 1822–1860” (2009)

Mukherjee, Sanjukta
“Producing the IT Miracle: The Neoliberalizing State and Changing Gender and Class Regimes in India” (2008)

Culcasi, Karen
“Cartographic Construction of the Middle East” (2008)

Orzeck, Reecia
“On the Palestinian Question: A Critique of International Law” (2007)

Ross, Robert
“We are the People! Geographies of the Industrial Production of Culture and the Rise and Fall of the 1890 Players’ National League of Professional Base Ball Clubs” (2007)

Hae, Lam
“Zoning Out Dance Clubs; Changing Landscapes of Alternative Cultures in New York City” (2007)

Stackhouse, Jill
“The State of Housing, The Business of The State: The Spatial Consequences of Housing and the Urban Development Policies Developed by the Entrepreneurial State in Chile (1973-1989)” (2007)

Call, David
“An Analysis of Ice Storm Impacts, Warning Procedures and Emergency Management Response” (2007)

McNeil, Brenden
“Spatial Variability of Foliar Nitrogen in the Adirondack Park” (2006)

Breitback, Carolyn
“Changing Landscapes of Social Reproduction in South Dakota: Restructuring the Cattle Beef Industry” (2006)

Wu, Xiaodi
“Back to the Heartland? Chinese Geopolitics and Geo-Strategies in Central Asia in the One World System” (2005)

Essex, Jamey
“The State as Site and Strategy: Neoliberalization, Internationalization and the Foreign Agricultural Service” (2005)

Rosati, Clayton
“The Image Factory: MTV, Geography and the Industrial Production of Culture” (2005)

Ketchum, Jim
"Journey to the Surface of the Earth: Recent Contemporary Art, the Geoaesthetic Trace, and the Production of Alternative Geographic Knowledge" (2005)

Diver, Kim
Biogeography of Island Flora in the Georgian Bay, Lake Huron, Ontario (2004)

Madsen, Michael
"Mormon Meccas: The Spiritual Transformation of Mormon Historical Sites from Points of Interest to Sacred Space” (2003)


Cutler, Kristin
"Pets in the City: Managing Surplus Dogs in Syracuse, NY" (2014)

Bukowski, Emily
"An Analysis of Species Composition of United States Urban Forests" (2014)

Oberle, Patrick
"The Practice of Neogeography in Community-Based Organizations" (2014)

Speer, Jessie
"Right to the Tent City: The Struggle over Urban Space in Fresno, California" (2014)

Eberle, Bethany
"Human Trafficking Databases and Maps" (2014)

Yu, Yi
"The Production of Heritage Tourism in China: A Case Study of Three Adjacent Villages" (2014)

Wang, Sean
"Ordinary Families: Queer Sexuality & Adoptive Parenthood in Central New York" (2013)

Hennigan, Brian
"House Broken: The Functions and Contradictions of ‘Housing First’" (2013)

Marley, Benjamin
"Battle for the Mountains: Restructuring Extractive POroduction and the Socio-Ecological Crises in West Virginia’s Coalfields" (2013)

Sica, Carlo
"Scales over Shale: How Pennsylvania Got Fracked" (2013)

Huset, Renee
"A GIS-Based Analysis of the Environmental Predictors of Dispersal of the Emerald Ash Borer in New York" (2013)

Kantor, Michael
"Banking on the Impossible: The Political Life of Wetlands in Southern Louisiana" (2013)

Rey de Castro Pastor, Flavia
"Water Politics: Governance, Conflict, and Vulnerability in Andean Peru" (2013)

Gonzalez, Jose Manuel
“The Settlement of Antioquia Province, 1541 – 1616” and “Production and Consumption of Maize in Antioquia Province: 1541 – 1615” (2012)

Kaufman, Emily
"How Governmentality Haunts Northwest Brooklyn: The Convergence of Experimental Practices from Welfare to Policing" (2012)

Gerlofs, Ben
"Producing Edge City: Publics, Perceptions, and the Right to Life on the New Frontier" (2012)

Reiger, Mercy
"Standing Guard: Boundary Mediation in Two Re-Enactment Heterotopias" (2011)

Byrne-Maisto, Mary Jean
"Amenity Migration: Place Transformation in Vilcabama Ecuador" (2011)

Green, Barbara
"Capitalism in a Poncho: The Articulation of Meaning in Struggles Over Gas in Bolivia" (2010)

Kovacs, Elaine
"Constructing the Country and the City: California Agriculture and the City of Fresno" (2010)

Scott, Effie
"Reinventing The Urban: Economic Restructuring and Revitalization in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania" (2010)

Catania, Tina
"Rethinking Generational Categories: Placing Generation for Latino Immigrants" and "Building Bridges? Constructing the Nation on Bodies and Borders"(2010)

Edwards, Tracy
"Representation of the Irelands in American Newsmagazines" (2010)

Kammer, Lucy
"Spectral Differentiation of the Invasive Shrub Tamarisk (Tamarisk spp.) From Native Willow (Salix spp.) using Imaging Spectroscopy: A Case Study in Southeast Utah"(2010)

Senner, Kate
“Living and Breathing Bodies and States: Stories of Park and Place in Seward, Alaska” (2009)

Attoh, Kafui
“Get on the Bus! Public Transportation and Neoliberalism in Syracuse, New York” (2008)

Puckett, James
“Developing an Index System for Suspended Sediment Modeling in Oneida Creek Watershed” (2008)

Wells, Kathryn
“Selling Shelters: Public Property Gentrification in Washington, D.C. ” (2008)

Shell, Jacob
“Craftwork and Gridlock: An Analysis of an Innovative Freight Transport Plan for Experimental Industries in Manhattan” (2008)

Sanchez, Sandra
“Community-Based (Eco)Tourism: Indigenous Livelihood – Development Strategies in the Ecuadorian Amazon” (2007)

Hilburn, Darlene
“Scaling identity: a spatialized ethnography of Liberian refugee women in Syracuse, New York” (2007)

Torrado, Marla
“Road Construction and Makushi communities of southern Guyana: Impacts and consequences” (2007)

Moore, Eli
“Mapping for Social Change: The Radical Pedagogy of Participatory Mapping in Valle de Cauca, Colombia” (2007)

Wienbar, Rebecca
“Bodies and Power: Access to Abortion in South Dakota” (2007)

Work, Amy
“Remote Sensing and Urban Morphology: The Relationship of Economic Revitalization Zones to Changes on the Landscape” (2006)

Wang, He
“Global Production Networks and the Role of Chinese State: The Guangzhou Automotive Industry Cluster” (2006)

Teale, Chelsea
“A descriptive and analytical biogeography of earthworms (annelida: oligochaeta) in the Yukon territory, Canada” (2006)

Newquist, Alyson
“Anarchy and Urban Subversion: A Spacehijackers’ Geography of London” (2006)

Villanueva, Joaquin
“Appropriating Les Halles: The Transformation of Public Space in the Belly of Paris” (2005)

Vitale, Patrick
“Learning to be Suburban: Working Class Formation and Suburbanization in Post-World War II McKeesport, Pennsylvania” (2005)

Harper, Caroline
“Seen But Not Heard?: Young People and the Politics of Toronto’s ‘Public’ Spaces” (2005)

Perks, Georgina
“An Eiffel of Romance: Turning Away from the Aesthetic with the Experimental Tourism Movement” (2005)

Himley, Matthew
“The Politics of Land and Forest: Nature Conservation in Highland Ecuador” (2005)

Luthra, Aman
“Revisiting Shangri-La: Landscape Representation and the Politics of Development in Bhutan” (2004)

Yurkosky, Peter
“Evaluating the Impact of Suppression on Wildfire Perimeter Complexity” (2004)

Puhl, Elizabeth
“Steal This Map! The Conundrums of Cartographic Copyright” (2004)
“Frank Lloyd Wright’s Monona Terrace™: Selling Madison On It, Selling Madison With It” (2004)

Call, David
“Urban Snow Events in Upstate New York: An Integrated Human and Physical Geographical Analysis” (2004)

Austin, Susan
“A Place of Globalization, Resistance, and Identity: A Case Study of the Santa Rosa Carib Community in Trinidad” (2004)

Stott, Mauri
“Hanging in the Balance: Sustainable Development and Politics of Scale on the Lower Chesapeake Bay, Tidewater Virginia” (2003)

Schramm, Michael
“Delineating Flood Boundaries Using Detailed Elevation Data” (2003)

Culcasi, Karen
“Cartographic Representations of Kurdistan in the Print Media” (2003)

McDaniel, Michael
“Questioning the Decline of the Nation State: The case of petroleum development in Central Asia.” and “The Use of Maps in Newspaper Coverage of Nuclear Waste Storage and Transportation.” (2003)

Adams, Catherine
“Defending Our Place: Protest on the Southside of Syracuse” (2003)

Dolmatch, Anna
“Subnational Mobilization and Regional Development: The Case Of Catalonia” (2002)

Gianella, Natalia
“Harvests of the War: Peasant Communities after Political Violence in Ayacucho, Peru” (2002)

Rodríguez, Laura
“Urban agriculture: a missing gendered cultural practice in the Latino neighborhood, Syracuse NY” and “Urban Latino Realities and Re-Making Spaces” (2002)

Buckman, Stephen
“The Geopolitics of Downtown Megastructure Development The Case of Bank One Ballpark and Phoenix.” (2002)