Current Geography and the Environment Students

Lauren AshbyLauren Ashby, MA (
Advisor: Jonnell Robinson
Interests: Community geography, education and inequality

Sohrob AslamySohrob Aslamy, PhD (
Advisor: Tod Rutherford
Interests: Political economy, political geography, urban space, Afghanistan and Central Asia

Bruce BaigrieBruce Baigrie, PhD (
Advisor: Matt Huber
Interests: Ecology and climate change, energy

Amanda BeavinAmanda Beavin, MA (
Advisor: Ann Mosher
Interests: Community geography, urban policy, GIS

Jewell BohlingerJewell Bohlinger PhD (
Advisor: Matt Huber
Interests: Political ecology, carceral geographies

Chad ChambersChad Chambers, PhD (
Advisor: Matt Huber
Interests: Geography of oil, geospatial visualization

Collin ChambersCollin Chambers, PhD (
Advisor: Matt Huber
Interests: Political economy, environment & society, China, Marxism

Tina CataniaTina Catania, PhD  (
Advisor: Robert Wilson
Interests: Creative Writing, Immigration, Feminism, Race, Youth

Michael CommonsMichael Commons, PhD (
Advisor: Jake Bendix
Interests: Biogeography - fire and landscape ecology

Claudia Diaz-CombsClaudia Diaz-Combs, PhD  (
Advisor: Tom Perreault
Interests: Political ecology, water, natural resource extraction, environmental justice, Latin America

jamie fico-thumbnailJamie Fico, MA (
Advisor: Natalie Koch
Interests: Environmental change, sustainable agriculture, community resiliency, and local environmental decision-making in Morocco

John GilesJohn Giles, MA (
Advisor: Alison Mountz (now at Wilfrid Laurier University)
Interests: Cultural justice, urban space

Nicole Moeller GonzalezNicole Moeller Gonzalez, PhD  (
Advisor: Matt Huber
Interests: Marxism, labor and environmental movements

Xiwei GuoXiwei Guo, PhD  (
Advisor: Peng Gao
Interests: Fluvial geomorphology, sedimentology, river restoration, human-environment interactions

Madeleine HamlinMadeleine Hamlin, PhD (
Advisor: Don Mitchell
Interests: Culture, justice, urban space

yeryun-hong-thumbnailYeryun Hong, PhD (
Advisor: Jamie Winders
Interests: Urban space, feminism, sexuality, East Asia

Akemi InamotoAkemi Inamoto, PhD (
Advisor: Tom Perreault
Interests: Feminist political ecology, agrarian politics in Colombia

amanda jacobs-thumbnailAmanda Jacobs, MA (
Advisor: Jake Bendix
Interests: Environmental degradation, landform change, resource use

Ozan-Karayigit-thumbnailOzan Karayigit, PhD (
Advisor: Timur Hammond
Interests: Right to the city, Islamization of built environment, Iraqi migrant/refugee geographies

Mike KellyMike Kelly, MA (
Advisor: Matt Huber
Interests: Urban geography, housing justice

Katie MacDonaldKatie MacDonald, PhD  (
Advisor: Tom Perreault
Interests: Rural development, water management, food and agriculture, Central Asia

Ainhoa MingolarraAinhoa Mingolarra, PhD (
Advisor: Tom Perreault
Interests: Political ecology, water, Latin America and the Caribbean

Avia NahreenAvia Nahreen, PhD (
Advisor: Farhana Sultana
Interests: Political ecology of water governance in South Asia

jihyuk park-thumbnailJihyuk Park, PhD (
Advisor: Natalie Koch
Interests: Political geography, critical geopolitics, state and nationalism, East Asia

Khila PecoraroKhila Pecoraro, MA (
Advisor: Jane Read
Interests: Political ecology, geospacial methods, and environmental change

Mirella PretellMirella Pretell, PhD (
Advisor: Tom Perreault
Interests: Political ecology, resource extraction, indigenous movements, Peruvian Amazon

Adarsh RaghuramAdarsh Raghuram, PhD (
Advisor: Ethan Coffell
Interests: Climate change, agriculture

Yunrui SiYunrui Si, MA  (
Advisor: Peng Gao
Interests: Fluvial geomorphology, flooding, GIS/geospatial technologies

Jared WhearJared Whear, PhD  (
Advisor: Robert Wilson
Interests: Environmental geography; social movements; water and energy resources

Dominic WilkinsDominic Wilkins, PhD (
Advisor: Robert Wilson
Interests: Social movements, political ecology, religion, and the environmental humanities

 Kelsey YoungKelsey Young, PhD  (
Advisor: Don Mitchell
Interests: Indigenous geographies and public space