Environment and Society

Environment-society scholarship at Syracuse University encompasses the fields of political ecology; political economy of nature; environmental history; energy and natural resources; environmental governance; environmental justice; water resources; animal geographies; hazards and social vulnerability; development and livelihoods; and the human dimensions of environmental change.

Syracuse geographers view environment-society relations dialectically and focus on the social relations of power through which particular forms of nature are produced and governed. We share a commitment to critical scholarship and social justice and value empirical (often field-based) investigation, as well as critical social theory.

The Maxwell Department of Geography has a large cohort of faculty and graduate students engaged in environment-society scholarship. We have a strong record of publishing and external funding and regularly organize conferences, workshops, and other events.

We have an active research profile, which in recent years has included investigations into the gendered dimensions of water governance in South Asia; climate change politics in the United States; the historical development of the US petro-chemical industry; the relationship between extractive industries and rural livelihoods in Bolivia; the relationship between wildfires and human activity in California; and environmental mapping, land use, and vegetation change in the Amazon Basin.

Sherburne Abbott (Climate change, energy, sustainability)
Jacob Bendix (Biogeography, geomorphology, human impacts on vegetation and land forms, media and environmental issues)
Matthew T. Huber (Political economy of nature, historical geography, energy and capitalism, oil, resource governance, social theory)
Mark Monmonier (Geographic information, cartographic communication and map design, history of cartography, environmental mapping) 
Tom Perreault (Political ecology, resource governance, environment and development, environmental justice, agrarian politics and food studies, Latin America)
Jane M. Read (Geographic information systems, remote sensing, tropical environments, land use/land cover change, Latin America)
Farhana Sultana (Political ecology, environment and development, water governance, environmental citizenship, climate change, South Asia) 
Robert Wilson (Environmental history, historical geography, animal geographies, climate politics, environmentalism, North American West)

GEO 103: Environment and Society
GEO 203: Society and the Politics of Nature
GEO 215: Global Environmental Change
GEO 300: Geographies of Sutainability
GEO 314: Hazardous Geographic
GEO 316: River Environments
GEO 317: Geography of Mountain Environments
GEO 318: Tropical Environments
GEO 319: Cold Environments
GEO 326: The Geography of Climate and Weather
GEO 327: Geography of Coastal Environments
GEO 340: Geography of Oil
GEO 353: Geographies of Environmental Justice
GEO 354: American Environmental History and Geography
GEO 356: Environmental Ideas and Policy
GEO 358: Animals and Society
GEO 360: Sustainability Science and Policy: The Threat of Climate Change
GEO 374: Environment and Development in the Global South
GEO 400: Urban Environmental History
GEO 415: Food: A Critical Geography
GEO 422/622: Water: Environment, Society, and Politics
GEO 426/626: Environmental Change in the Anthropocene
GEO 430: Energy, History, and Society
GEO 455/655: Biogeography
GEO 482/682: Environmental Remote Sensing
GEO 551: Research in Environmental and Land Use
GEO 554: Environmental Ideas
GEO 583: Environmental GIS
GEO 606: Development and Sustainability
GEO 730: Political Economy of Nature
GEO 754: Seminar in Environmental History
GEO 755: Seminar in Political Ecology

Accredited Land Consultant
Community Organizer
Environmental Affairs Specialist
Environmental Analyst
Environmental Economist
Environmental Lawyer
Environmental NGO Manager
International Development Specialist
Landscape architect
Natural resources manager
Policy Consultant or Researcher
Sustainability manager/consultant
Sustainable Urban and Regional Planner
Sustainability Educator