Urban Spaces, Justice, and Culture

Urban geographers at Syracuse join the study of urban landscapes, politics, and processes to broader struggles for racial and gender equality, social justice, and political and cultural transformations.

We draw on a variety of methodological and theoretical perspectives to interrogate the production of urban spaces and experiences. With connections to historical, feminist, cultural, political, and Marxist geographies, urban geographers in this cluster pay particular attention to the ways that gender, class, race/ethnicity, and religion are drawn into the creation and negotiation of the urban built environment and social fabric.

Faculty projects include the relationship between urban space and religion, struggles over urban public spaces, higher education and urban transformation in the Middle East, immigration and racial politics in U.S. cities, and geographies of memory in urban Europe.

We have a critical mass of graduate students working on urban issues in both a domestic and international context and through a range of theoretical and methodological approaches.

Timur Hammond (Cultural geography, political geography, Turkey, Middle East, landscape)
Natalie Koch (Political geography, nationalism, authoritarianism, sport, Central Asia, Gulf Arab states)
Anne Mosher (Historical geography, urban geography, social geography, United States)
Jonnell Robinson (community geography, GIS, participatory GIS, participatory action research, public health, qualitative research methods)
John Western (Social geography, cultural geography, urban geography, France, Southern Africa)
Jamie Winders (Race, gender, immigration, social theory, urban and historical geography)

GEO 105: World Urban Geography
GEO 171: Human Geographies
GEO 219: American Diversity & Unity (honors)
GEO 272: World Cultures
GEO 311: New North Americas
GEO 313: United States
GEO 331: European Union
GEO 353: Environmental Justice
GEO 362: The European City
GEO 367: Gender in a Globalizing World
GEO 400: Urban Environmental History
GEO 415: Food: A Critical Geography
GEO 425: South Africa
GEO 440: Race and Space
GEO 450: Geographies of Migration and Mobility
GEO 463: Geography of Homelessness
GEO 484/684: GIS for Urban Environments
GEO 485/685: Community Geography
GEO 500: Geography of Memory
GEO 500: Urban & Regional Planning
GEO 563: The Urban Condition
GEO 564: Urban Historical Geography
GEO 572: Landscape Interpretation in Cultural Geography
GEO 573: Geography of Capital
GEO 576/WGS 576: Gender, Space, & Place
GEO 772: Seminar in Cultural Geography
GEO 774: Seminar in Historical Geography
GEO 815: Seminar in Urban Geography
GEO 876/WGS 876: Feminist Geography

Community Development
Community Organizer
Foreign Services Officer
Landscape architect
Lobbyist (Advocate)
Market researcher
Non-governmental organizations
Non-profit organizations
Policy Consultant or Researcher
Public Administration
Real Estate
Social Activism
Transportation Management
Urban and regional Planner
Urban policy