Stephen Przybylinski


MA Geography, Portland State 2014

BA Urban Studies and Geography, University of Minnesota 2011

Research Interests

Urban and social geography, socio-spatial theory, production/politicization of urban spaces, homelessness and affordability of housing, qualitative methods

I am interested in urban geography quite broadly. Urbanization processes fascinate me, and I enjoy reading about and exploring their multiple facets. My research, simply put, is concerned with the production of urban spaces. One way I analyze this is by attempting to identify the spatial implications of social, economic, and political interactions. Another layer to this is understanding who spaces are produced for. Identifying who has access to spaces is critical in calling attention to inclusive/exclusionary spatial practices. This is of concern to me, as I feel the spatiality of everyday urban life is directly resultant of our social practices. Thus, my focus on spatializing inequalities, I hope, contribute to a more nuanced understanding of urban inequalities.



Przybylinski, S. (forthcoming). The invisibility of homelessness. In Portlandness: A Cultural Atlas, D. Banis and H. Shobe. Seattle: Sasquatch Books.

Book Reviews:

2015. Urban politics: Critical approaches (Mark Davidson and Deborah Martin). Urban Studies 52(2): 396-399. DOI: 10.1177/0042098014559496.

2015. Hell's Kitchen and the battle for urban space: class struggle and urban reform in New York City, 1894–1914 (Joseph Varga). Social and Cultural Geography 16(6) DOI: 10.1080/14649365.2014.951165

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2014. “Finding meaning in alternative spaces”. Book Review: Paris–Amsterdam underground: essays on cultural resistance, subversion, and diversion, edited by Christopher Lindner and Andrew Hussey. City 18(1): 73-77 DOI: 10.1080/13604813.2014.868169



Participatory research panelist for community-based research symposium. Portland State, OR, April 2015.

Conference Papers:

“What is a ‘Counter Movement?’: Embedding Polanyi in the Geographies of Homeless Resistance.” Critical Geographies Mini Conference. Vancouver, B.C. November 2014.

“Occupying for Survival: Legitimating Homeless Space.” Relational Poverty Network Meeting. Seattle, WA: October 2014.

“Not In Portland’s Backyard: The Production of a Self-Organized Rest Space.” Association of Pacific Coast Geographers Annual Meeting. Tucson, AZ: September 2014.

A Critical Space for a Necessary Place: A Portland, Oregon Study of a Homeless Rest Space.” Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting. Tampa, FL: April 2014.

“Right to Dream: A Portland, OR Case Study of a Contested Rest Space.” Association of Pacific Coast Geographers Annual Meeting. Lake Tahoe, CA: September 2013. (Received President’s Award for Outstanding Paper by a Masters Student)

“Geographies of Inclusion: Claiming the Right to the City.” Portland State University Research Symposium. Portland, Oregon: April 2013.


Portland State University Student Educational Travel Award (September 2014)

Association of Pacific Coast Geographers Travel Award (September 2014)

AAG Urban Geography Specialty Group Travel Award (March 2014)

Department of Geography Professional Development Travel Award (February 2014)

Portland State University Student Educational Travel Award (January 2014)

President’s Award for Outstanding Paper by a Master’s Student, Association of Pacific Coast Geographers, Tahoe, CA- September 2013

Association of Pacific Coast Geographers Travel Award (September 2013)

Dale and Coral Courtney Departmental Scholarship (Academic Year 2013-2014)

Rockie Departmental Scholarship (Academic Year 2013-2014, 2014-2015)