Geneva Association Research Grant

Amount Note:

For a period of 10 months.

Each year, The Geneva Association awards one research grant for submissions—usually doctoral theses carried out in the field of risk and insurance economics. The grant is intended to support research on a specific theme, which can be in the form of a thesis leading to a doctoral degree or a research paper on that specific theme. The theme of the 2018 research grant is Big Data in Insurance. Suggested topics for the 2018 research grant are:

  • What are the drivers and trends of big data in insurance?
  • What are the threats and opportunities of big data for insurers and their customers?
  • What are the potential implications of big data on the insurance industry business models and the value chain?
  • Will big data in insurance lead to risks demutualisation (personalisation versus solidary)?
  • How can big data help insurers in risk mitigation?
  • What will be the impact of big data on insurance regulatory standards (“levelled playing field”)?
  • How artificial intelligence will impact the insurance industry?

Suggestions for other topics related to the theme of “Big Data in Insurance” could also be considered.

Last Updated On: 2017-10-17

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