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Office of Grant Development

Calvin K. Kazanjian Economics Foundation Grants

Amount Note:
Applicants with matching grants preferred. The average grant is approximately $22,000, however grants as small as $3,500 and as large as $150,000 have been made.

While the Kazanjian Foundation maintains a vital interest in the overall efforts to increase economic literacy, the Board of Trustees will give special attention to proposals and projects with national impact that addresses the following issues and audiences:

  • The Foundation has an abiding interest in elevating the nation’s understanding of the need for economic education. It will support programs that raise various public’s participation in economic education and/or create a demand for greater economic literacy.
  • The application of new strategies for teaching economics including on-line and web-based instruction is of interest to the Foundation.
  • Projects, policy studies, or programs that encourage measurement of economic understanding more often and/or more effectively are of specific interest.
  • The large number of students at risk of leaving school, and hence never effectively participating in the nation’s economic system are of concern to the Foundation. Programs that help otherwise disenfranchised youth and/or young adults with children learn to participate in the economic system are very important to the Foundation.
  • Helping those working in social service agencies, particularly social workers, provide financial and economic understanding is a focus of the Foundation's funding. 

Those proposing projects should examine the compendium of existing economic education materials and programs catalogued in the Kazanjian Economic Education Reviews ( or before making application.

The Calvin K. Kazanjian Economics Foundation Inc. is a non-political education organization that was incorporated as a nonprofit organization under the Statue Laws of the State of Connecticut on April 4, 1947. 

Last Updated On: 2017-11-29

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