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Office of Grant Development

Fichter Research Grants

Amount Note:
A total of $12,000 is available to be awarded annually and this amount is usually distributed among several of the leading applications in the year's competition.
Eligibility Note:
Association for the Sociology of Religion membership required.

Fichter Research Grants are awarded annually by ASR to members of the Association involved in promising sociological research on women in religion or on the intersection between religion and gender or religion and sexualities. Dissertation research qualifies for funding, as does postdoctoral research by junior and senior scholars. Although these grants are open to scholars who are pursuing or currently have a PhD in a range of disciplines, the proposed research must be sociological in nature. Applicants must also be members of the Association for the Sociology of Religion at the time of application.

The Fichter Grants cover only direct research expenses, such as: (1) transportation expenses to conduct research; (2) the cost of hiring a research assistant or transcriber; (3) computer software packages that are not typically provided by a college or university (e.g., specialized statistical software packages).  They do not cover:  (1) secondary costs, such as facilities and administrative costs (i.e., overhead expenses) or tuition for students; (2) salary, replacement salary, summer stipends or fringe benefits for the Principal Investigator;  (3) membership dues to academic societies including ASR; (4) conference registration fees or travel costs to conferences; (5) items that can reasonably be expected to be provided by a college or university, such as computers, books, commonly used software packages, etc.; (6) any other costs which the Fichter Grant Committee and/or ASR deems to be excluded.  When Fichter Grant recipients must travel to conduct their research, Fichter funds can be used to pay for up to 50% of their food and non-alcoholic beverage expenses.  Any equipment approved by the Fichter Grant Committee for purchasing using Fichter Grant funds shall be considered the property to ASR and shall be sent to the ASR Executive Office upon completion of the research.

Last Updated On: 2018-02-23

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