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Amount Note:
The Institute provides Fellows with sufficient funding to allow them and their families to live in good health and reasonable comfort and to fulfill the purposes of the Fellowship.
Eligibility Note:
Applicants must be under 36 years of age on application deadline. Must have have the necessary language skills to allow to them to carry out their proposed project. US citizenship is not a requirement, but candidates must show strong and credible ties to US society.

An Institute of Current World Affairs (ICWA) Fellowship represents a generous investment in the future of a Fellow. The ultimate aim of the ICWA Fellowship program is to cultivate deep expertise in foreign countries and cultures. The ICWA achieves this by supporting a Fellow over a two year period, during which she or he carries out an immersive program of self-designed, independent study abroad.

ICWA’s mission is to identify and cultivate rare potential, so we are looking for promise, curiosity, and enthusiasm in our candidates. We consider whether a candidate is ready for the rapid personal growth that the Fellowship makes possible. Candidates with a passion for their project country and who are sufficiently prepared to take advantage of the opportunity we offer, have the best chance of being awarded an ICWA Fellowship. Extensive professional experience in the proposed area is not always necessary; Fellowships are aimed at developing advanced knowledge and professional skills, not awarding research or reporting opportunities to those who already possess them.

Strong candidates generally propose topics for the Fellowship that are compelling. Given our interest in achieving wide geographic distribution over time, we generally are less inclined to select projects in countries where we currently or very recently have had a Fellow. We are naturally drawn to areas of the world and topics that are less well understood and that are relevant to the United States. These could include thematic Fellowships, for example examining questions related to economic development or the environment that could be effectively pursued using the method of our Fellowships. Candidates are encouraged to browse ICWA’s archives to see the kind of projects that the Institute has supported.

Last Updated On: 2017-12-15

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