The Jacobs Research Funds - Grants

Amount Note:

Individual grants: $3,000 (maximum). Group grants: $6,000 (maximum). Kinkade Grants: $9,000 (maximum). Allowed expenses include consultants, research assistants, travel, accommodation, equipment.

The Jacobs Research Funds (JRF) supports projects involving fieldwork with living aboriginal peoples of North and South America. Priority is given to research on endangered cultures and languages, and to research on the Pacific Northwest (the Pacific Coast from Northern California to Alaska and the Columbia Plateau in British Columbia, Washington, Oregon and Idaho). The JRF does not support research on non-aboriginal peoples, nor on peoples outside the Americas.

Projects that produce new data are the highest priority, including proposals to digitize, transcribe and translate old materials that might otherwise become lost or inaccessible. Projects that only process, analyze, present, or publish previously gathered data, whether in an archive or personal collection, are of lower priority.

Most funded projects fall within linguistics (including ethnolinguistics, sociolinguistics, and world view) or anthropology (including social-cultural anthropology, social organization, political organization, and folk taxonomy). Projects in religion, mythology, music, dance, and other arts are also eligible.

Projects that are not supported include those in archeology, physical anthropology, applied anthropology, and applied linguistics (for example, grants exclusively for technological improvements, development of pedagogical materials, and the like). Nor does the JRF fund research on non-aboriginal (post-Columbian) cultures and languages of the Americas.

It is expected that both the subjects of research and society in general will ultimately benefit from the knowledge generated by the funded research. The JRF therefore does not support proprietary research; that is, research for the exclusive use of any public or private entity (such as national, state, provincial, or local governments; charities, churches or foundations; tribes or bands; or community groups).

Last Updated On: 2017-11-29

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