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Office of Grant Development

Charles Koch Foundation - Grants

Amount Note:

Dissertation proposals may be awarded up to $5,000 in grant funding, with the possibility of renewal. 

The Charles Koch Foundation supports research that spurs social progress, well-being, and long-term prosperity. The foundation invites specific proposals (below) and general proposals for any research that shares the goals and vision of the Charles Koch Foundation. The foundation is currently interested in pressing issues that affect societal well-being, and discovering solutions to complex problems requires a diversity of ideas and research. Dissertation grants, travel grants, and postdoctoral fellowships are also available.  

The following requests for proposals are for scholars across the country whose work impacts the scholarship in the areas below:

Foundations of Well-Being: Well-being is a critical topic with broad implications for how individuals and societies organize to maximize human fulfillment and welfare.

Corporate Welfare Reform: Corporate welfare takes many forms but typically involves government-granted advantage or privilege over current or future competitors, often with negative unintended consequences.

Toleration & Free Speech: Toleration is a foundational tenet of free and flourishing societies and provides a basis for peaceful coexistence among people with different views.

Foreign Policy: The United States’ approach to grand strategy, trade, diplomacy, defense policy, and other foreign policy areas influence individual and societal well-being on a daily basis.

Criminal Justice & Policing Reform: The criminal justice system affects everything from individual opportunity and family cohesion to public safety and the ability for communities to thrive.

Technology & Innovation: The introduction of new ideas, products, or methods enables individuals to use resources more efficiently, which in turn raises standards of living.

Economic Freedom: Economic freedom is a critical component of societal well-being, leading to greater opportunity and an improved quality of life.

Last Updated On: 2017-10-23

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