ANNOUNCEMENT - March 2018 Newsletter has released its latest newsletter. Subscription information is located here. Highlights from the March newsletter:

Create Custom Roles for Your Organization's Registered Users

This April, will give applicants even more control over their workspace applications. Beginning with Release 16.2, organizations will be able to create custom roles and assign these roles to the users affiliated with their organization.

Applicant organizations will be able to mix and match privileges from any of the core roles (Expanded AOR, Standard AOR, and Workspace Manager) to create unique custom roles. The graphic below lists privileges from roles that can be assigned to custom roles.

OMB Publishes Free Online Grants Management Training

This grants training is comprised of five modules, most of which contain multiple online lessons: 1) Laws, Regulations, and Guidance; 2) Financial Assistance Mechanisms; 3) Uniform Guidance Administrative Requirements; 4) Cost Principles; 5) Risk Management and Single Audit.

Adding Subforms to a Workspace

Adding and completing subforms in Workspace is different than it was in the Legacy PDF Application Package. No longer are subforms extracted from the parent form. In Workspace, subforms are added below the parent form within the Forms tab.