TIP - NIAID Posts New Set of R01 Sample Applications

The primary resource for technical directions when completing an application is NIH’s Application Form Instructions. Still, instructions for sections like Specific Aims and Research Strategy might not always be as helpful as seeing well-written examples from top-scoring applications.

In that case, turn to NIAID’s Sample Applications & More. As the name indicates, the page provides sample applications and summary statements for a variety of research project grant activity codes.

Recently we added three new R01 applications and summary statements. The new R01 sample applications include the biosketch requirement implemented in 2015, but they precede the implementation of FORMS-D and NIH’s rigor and reproducibility requirements from 2016. We will add samples that include those changes as they become available.

We thank Drs. Chengwen Li, Richard Samulski, Mengxi Jiang, and William Faubion for permitting us to use their applications.

Beyond instructions and examples, you might also want our advice, such as how to Prepare Your Application. Go there to find tips on writing successful Specific Aims and Research Strategy sections.