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Using the External Funding Opportunities Database

General tips

  • To search for or by funding opportunity type, use the top bar beneath the Office of Grant Development title
  • To search by department, use the "Department" list on the right side of each main page
  • When searching for a specific type of funding within your discipline (re: Fellowships or Grants), be sure to click the funding type link at top first, then select your department
  • Use your browser’s “Back” function to return to your previous search
  • To compare multiple funding opportunities, right-click on their link and select “Open in New Tab” or “Open in New Window”
    • This will allow you to have multiple funding opportunities open at once

Using the "Search" feature

  • This feature always searches All Funding Opportunities category
    • Does not search within disciplines or funding types
    • Does not narrow a previous search
  • If search term has multiple words (i.e. National Science Foundation), be sure to add quotation marks (“National Science Foundation”) to search as a phrase 
  • To search for a term within a discipline, use the AND term between the name of the discipline and the term (i.e. Sociology AND Health)
    • Use this method to search for specific terms and funding type as well (i.e. Fellowships AND Europe)
    • Can be used to search for multiple terms (i.e. history AND “grad student” AND Europe)
  • To exclude a term(s) from a search, use “-“ at the beginning of the term (i.e. anthropology –archaeology)
  • Only use this feature to search for specific key words or funding organizations; use the links at the top or side of page to search by funding type or discipline (see above)

Using Search Funding Feature (Advanced)

  • To conduct advanced searches (i.e. multiple specific funding types relevant to multiple specific departments), you must use BOOLEAN operators to search for terms exactly as they appear in the database (see Below)
    • For more information on using BOOLEAN operators, visit this page
    • All terms used by the Maxwell School External Funding Database are listed below:

    Funding Type

    • Grants
    • Graduate Grants and Support
    • Fellowships
    • Postdocs


    • Grad Student
    • Doctoral Candidate
    • Ph.D.
    • New Faculty
    • Faculty
    • Senior Faculty
    • Academic Institution - Non-profit
    • Other


    • US Citizens
    • Residents
    • Nationals
    • Non-US Citizens
    • No citizenship requirements, or non-specified


    • Anthropology
    • Citizenship and Civic Engagement
    • Economics
    • Executive Education
    • Geography
    • History
    • International Relations
    • Political Science
    • Public Administration
      and International Affairs
    • Sociology

    Centers & Institutes

    • Aging Studies Institute
    • Alan K. Campbell Public Affairs Institute
    • Center for Environmental Policy and Administration
    • Center for Policy Research
    • Institute for National Security and Counterterrorism
    • Institute for the Study of Judiciary, Politics, and the Media
    • Lerner Center for Public Health Promotion
    • Moynihan Institute of Global Affairs
    • Program for the Advancement of Research on Conflict and Collaboration