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ANNOUNCEMENT - New Process for Resetting FastLane/ Passwords

NSF awardees and applicants will now be able to reset their own passwords. Awardees and applicants can go to and click “Log In,” then “Forgot Password.” After entering their NSF ID and clicking, “Send Temporary Password,” they will be able to reset their passwords using the temporary password sent to their email address on file.

Passwords must be between 8 and 20 characters and use three of the four categories: 1. upper-case letter; 2. lower-case letter; 3. number; 4. one of these special characters # & % ! @ ( ). In addition, the last six passwords cannot be reused, and accounts will be locked for five minutes after the tenth unsuccessful password attempt.

To learn more about password modernization, including accessing a getting started guide and FAQs, please click here. Additional information can be found by clicking Help in the top right-hand corner of or by clicking the FastLane Help in the top right-hand corner of the FastLane homepage.