Future Professoriate Program (FPP)

The Future Professoriate Program (FPP) is a program that aims to foster a sense of community
among graduate students in the History Department while allowing them to hone skills related
to teaching, researching, and developing a professional identity. The purpose of the Future
Professoriate Program is to help graduate students develop professionally by means of
workshops, annual in-house conferences, and a mentored independent teaching experience.
Students who complete these activities and produce a teaching portfolio can receive the
University’s Certificate in University Teaching. These endeavors are seen as complements to the
training in scholarship and teaching that are regular parts of graduate education.

The History Department FPP offers two variations, which can be congruent or consecutive:

  1. Students who have served as Teaching Assistants can be appointed as Future
    Professoriate Program Participants for a year, during which they will organize
    professional development workshops and the annual FPP Graduate Conference (held in
    the spring semester). FPP Participants work with the faculty director to brainstorm
    topics for the workshops and conference, and gain experience inviting guest speakers,
    creating promotional literature, and leading these events. Students who apply need not
    be ABD at that time—but they must be making good and timely progress toward their
    degree. They also will receive a small stipend up to two years. Students may hold this
    title beyond two years, but with no stipend after the first two.
  2. Students who are ABD—and either have already served a year as a Future Professoriate
    Program Participant or will do so the following year—can teach a mentored
    independent course; that is, they can apply to teach a section of HST 201 in the
    following school year.

The application process for the FPP begins each year around March. Announcements for
acceptance into the program for the following school year are made in April. For more
information, please contact Professors Mark Schmeller and Junko Takeda or Erin Borchik.

For additional information:

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