Career Resources for History Majors and Minors

As a major or minor in history, you are acquiring the ability to think critically, to write clearly, and to effectively evaluate evidence. You are also learning to do independent research: in the 401 Senior Seminar, you will write a major, original research paper. All of these skills are highly valued by employers in fields like business, law, politics, media, education, government, and public policy. 

What can I do with a history major or minor?


Many employers want to hire students who have done a summer internship. Take a look at these resources for finding internships.

Finding a job

Career Services is a great place to start your job search. At Career Services, you can get help with your resume, attend workshops on finding internships and on searching for jobs, find out more about career paths for history majors and minors. You can start with a fifteen-minute appointment and go from there!

Career Services maintains a database of employers who are looking to hire graduating S.U. students right now. Some have specifically requested history majors and minors. You can access this database, which is called Orangelink, through Myslice.

You can network with history department alums through Career Service’s program ‘CuseConnect.

Thinking about graduate school? Check out these resources.

Arts and Sciences undergraduate majors and minors, including those in history, have a good track record of placing graduates in full-time jobs or in graduate programs.