Letter From the Graduate Director

Welcome, Prospective Graduate Student!

Thank you for your interest in the History graduate program at Syracuse University. If you have not yet had an opportunity to visit our General Information and Requirements and Faculty sections, I refer you to them for a description of our program and listing of current faculty with their fields of interest. Information on the Maxwell School can be found on the Maxwell website. Together, these materials should answer most questions about graduate study at Syracuse, but I would be happy to answer any further questions you may have about study in particular fields of history if you email me at: glkallan@maxwell.syr.edu

The graduate history program at Syracuse is small, so there is a considerable amount of personal contact among the students and between students and faculty. Interested in making a faculty connection in History? Review the list of faculty, which includes specialties and contact information. If you are unsure who to contact, just give me a clearer idea of your particular areas of interest, and I’ll help to direct you to the right people.

In recent years many of our full-time students have received some form of Financial Aid, the majority of whom have served the department as teaching assistants. Although most financial aid decisions at Syracuse are not made until March, the process for nominating fellowship candidates and recipients of some other forms of assistance begins as early as January. Thus, should you choose to apply to SU, you are to submit the Graduate Record Examination scores (or equivalent test results) and to complete your application (including transcripts and recommendations) as long before the final deadlines as possible. Our Admission Requirements/Timeline section will help assist you with dates and admission requirements when you are ready to apply. How to apply/online application will bring you to the Maxwell School website which contains three ways to apply to our graduate program.

In choosing a graduate school, the most important consideration ought to be finding the institution with the strengths in faculty and library holdings that match your interests. One of the best ways to find that out is to visit campuses, and we would be pleased to welcome you to Syracuse. If you find the opportunity to visit our department, please let me know in advance so I might arrange for you to meet the faculty in your field(s) of interest, to talk with other graduate students, and take a look at the library.

My colleagues and I look forward to the opportunity to meet you. If you have additional questions, not answered here, feel free to get in touch with a staff member at: history@maxwell.syr.edu.

Sincerely yours,

George Kallander
Associate Professor of History
Director of Graduate Studies