David H. Stam

Senior Scholar, University Librarian, Emeritus

David Stam

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145 Eggers Hall


Ph.D., Northwestern University, 1978


Polar exploration and book history


David H. Stam retired as Syracuse University Librarian Emeritus in 1998 when he was appointed Senior Scholar in the SU History Department.  In 2001 he edited and published a massive two-volume reference work entitled An International Dictionary of Library Histories (Fitzroy Dearborn). Apart from occasional teaching, since then he has devoted his scholarly work to Polar studies, in particular the print cultures of the Arctic and Antarctica, publishing one extensive exhibition catalog (Books on Ice, 2005), a dozen articles and reviews, and a volume of memoirs (What Happened to Me , 2014). His Adventures in Polar Reading was published in December 2019 and won Honorable Mention for the William James Mills Prize of the Polar Libraries Colloquy. It was one of three books cited from among thirty-six 2019 polar books considered for the prize.


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Teaching Appointments

Syracuse University University Librarian Emeritus; Senior Scholar, History Dept.­ 1998-
Syracuse University University Librarian  (retired August 30, 1998) 1986‑98
The New York Public Library Andrew W. Mellon Director of The Research Libraries 1978‑86
Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland.  Librarian, Milton S. Eisenhower Library, the principal library of the University. 1973‑78
Newberry Library, Chicago, Illinois. Head of Technical ServicesDepartment (Aug. 1967‑Sept. 1971).  Associate Librarian (June 1969‑Aug. 1973).  1967‑73
Marlboro College Library, Marlboro, Vermont. Librarian.  Also taught courses in English literature and research methods, including a course in printing and printing history. 1964‑67
The New York Public Library.  Served as clerical assistant  (Technical Services); assistant editor, library publications; reference librarian (Information and Music Divisions); and Manuscript Cataloger (Berg Collection). 1959‑64
Active duty, U.S. Navy.  Discharged as Journalist 2nd Class.  Duties included librarianship of U.S.S. Galveston. 1956‑58

Recent Invited Lectures

Bibliotheca Universalis: Some Common Themes in Library History.” Stephen Harvard Lecture, Dartmouth College, October 2000. A lightly revised version was presented at the Grolier Club on April 4, 2001.


“Silent Friends – Books and Reading on Polar Expeditions”: By David and Deirdre Stam. Presented at the 19th Polar Libraries Colloquy, Dansk Polar Institute, Copenhagen, June 20, 2001. Similar presentations were given in Anchorage and Fairbanks, Alaska (November 2002), and Edinburgh, Scotland (March 2003). 

“So What’s So Special?”: Keynote address for “Building on Strength: Developing an ARL Agenda for Special Collections,” Brown University, June 28, 2001.

“Anticipating the Past; Retrospecting the Future”: Global Guesswork. Yale University Library Conference on Global Collection Development. May 24, 2005.

“An Army without Ammunition”: Books and the College Library.” The first annual Richard W. Couper Phi Beta Kappa Library Lecture, Hamilton College, Clinton, NY, September 9, 2005.

“Books on Ice: Hot Books from Cool Climes.” Presented by David and Deirdre Stam. Dartmouth College Library. October 16, 2006. Similar talks were delivered at the University of Toronto, the Mercantile Library of St. Louis, the Smithsonian Institution, 

“The Hedgehog and the Fox: on Polar Book Collecting.” Auction Talk, Swann Gallery, New York, on the occasion of the John Levinson Polar sale, May 27, 2007.

Talk for the Centennial Celebration of the Carnegie Library of Syracuse University, October 4, 2007.

 “Bending Time: the Role of Periodicals in 19th-Century Anglo-American Polar Expeditions.”  With Deirdre C. Stam. Victorian Periodicals Society Annual Conference, Richmond, Virginia, September 14-15, 2007: Repeated with revisions at the University of Edinburgh Centre for the History of the Book, October 19, 2007.

Chair. Session on Presenting Archives, “Waking the Dead: Archives in the 21st Century.” Museums Association (UK) Annual Conference.  Glasgow, October 21-24, 2007.

“Creating the Archival Future: Finding and Funding the Hidden Archives,” lecture delivered at Emory University, February 1, 2008, at a symposium in honor of Salmon Rushdie and the acquisition of his literary archives by Emory University.

Visiting speaker, Prof. Clare Flemming’s course in Archival Management, Pratt Institute, Manhattan Branch, March 4, 2008

HMS Terror and Books on Ice”: A Talk Inaugurating the Exhibition, Ice: a Victorian Romance, at the Linda Hall Library, Kansas City, Mo., May 1, 2008.

“Congering the Past: the Books of the Lady Franklin Bay Expedition, 1881-84: Before and After.” a lecture delivered at the International Polar Year symposium (North by Degree) at the Philadelphia Museum of Natural Sciences, May 23, 2008.  See (c above.

“Luck is the Residue of Design, Or Vice Versa, or Not: My Life in Special Collections,” invited lecture at the University of California Los Angeles Rare Book School, August 6, 2008.

“Bassett Jones, The Grolier Club, and the 1932 Polar Exhibition: Two Thousand Items and Counting,” a talk delivered at the Grolier Club, New York, on May 11, 2009.  

“The Shoulders of Giants: RBMS at Fifty,” keynote address at the 50th anniversary conference of the Rare Books and Manuscripts Section of the American Library Association, June 6, 2009.

Invited Lecturer and panelist at University of Southern Illinois, Carbondale in an interdisciplinary series on Antarctica. Title: “Silent Friends: Explorers’ Reading in Antarctica” April 23-26, 2012.