Wortman Scholarship

Program Description

The Department of History is delighted to announce a program dedicated to the promotion of undergraduate research, made possible by the generous gift from Marlene Stein Wortman '58. Undergraduate History majors may now apply for funding to help defray research-related expenses, whether for their senior research seminars (HST 401), freshman and sophomore research seminars (HST 201) or Honors Theses in History. Funding might be sought, for example, to help pay the cost of travel to libraries or archives, or to help with the acquisition of documents. Funding proposals (of approximately one page in length, plus bibliography) should be submitted to the History Department's Undergraduate Committee, who will determine which projects to fund. Funding proposals should be carefully prepared (and justified with a budget), and should explain why the funding is essential to the proposed project. Students who receive funding and who also receive grades of A or A- on their final papers will carry the title "Wortman Scholar" at graduation. Funding amounts will vary depending on the number and quality of applications received, but only in rare cases will grants of larger than $500 be made.

Application forms can be picked up in the History Department Office. After completing the form, attach your 500-word proposal, and bring the application material to your faculty advisor for approval.  Once the application form has been initialed on the front page by your faculty advisor, please deliver your application and proposal to: 

The Department of History, 145 Eggers Hall