International Relations Course Lists

Every semester the International Relations Program publishes a list of courses offered by social science departments that can be applied to the International Relations major. Each course listed can only be applied to one requirement for the major; a course with both a topic and region listed, can only count towards a student’s topic concentration or region concentration.

Abbreviations used on the course lists include:

REQ – required course
AFR – Africa
ASIA – Asia
EUR – Europe
LAC – Latin America and the Caribbean
MENA – Middle East and North Africa
ICC – Intercultural Communication
IPE – International Political Economy
ILO – International Law and Organization
ISD – International Security and Diplomacy

Course Lists for International Relations Majors

These lists are published each semester in advance of registration.

2018 - 2019 Academic Year

Spring 2019 Courses
Fall 2018 Courses

2017 - 2018 Academic Year

Summer 2018 Courses
Spring 2018 Courses
Fall 2017 Courses

2016 - 2017 Academic Year

Summer 2017 Courses
Spring 2017 Courses
Fall 2016 Courses

2015 - 2016 Academic Year

Summer 2016 Courses
Spring 2016 Courses
Fall 2015 Courses

2014 - 2015 Academic Year

Summer 2015 Courses
Spring 2015 Courses
Fall 2014 Courses