Beijing, China - SU Center

Beijing Courses
Number  Section Title Region  Topic  GPE GSS
ANT/HST 403/443  Culture, Confucianism and East Asian Modernity (Fall, Spring) ASIA ICC   
ECN  300.1 China and the World Economy(Fall, Spring) ASIA IPE   
HST 300.1 The Changing Face of China: Evolving Chinese Cultural Identities (Fall, Spring) ASIA ICC   
IRP 300.1 The Other China: Ethnic Minorities, Development and Environment (Fall) ASIA    
IRP  400.2  U.S. - China Relations: Tangled Titans (Spring) ASIA  ISD   
PSC  400.1  China: Past, Present, and Future (Spring) ASIA ICC   
PSC  431  China in Transition (Fall, Spring)  ASIA  IPE  


Tsinghua University

Tsinghua University Courses
Number  Section Title Region  Topic  GPEGSS 
ECN 480.2 Economic Growth   IPE   
ECN 480.7 Developmental Economics   IPE   
PSC/ECN 380.6  Intro to International Political Economy   IPE   


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