London, United Kingdom Course List

London Courses
Number  Section Title Region Topic  GPE GSS 
ANT 352 Food, Culture, and Identity - Honors (Fall, Spring)  EUR  ICC   
ECN 300.1 Europe's Economic Policy Failures from Maastricht to Brexit (Fall, Spring) EUR IPE   
ECN 362 Globalization, Development and the Environment (Fall, Spring)   IPE  Yes 
GEO  300.1 Sustainability and Environmental Justice in Europe (Fall, Spring) EUR     
HST 300.4 Borders in Flux: Identities and Conflict in Ireland (Fall, Spring) EUR    
PSC 350.1 America: A Foreign Perspective (Fall, Spring)   ISD   List A
SOC 412 Multicultural London (Fall, Spring) EUR ICC   


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