Santiago, Chile Course List

Santiago Courses
Number  Section Title Region  Topic  GPE GSS 
ECN 380.3 International Economics   IPE  Yes 
ECN 380.8 Chilean Economy LAC IPE   
ECN 380.17 Economic Analysis and the Chilean Experience LAC    
ECN  380.34  Economic Development in Latin America  LAC  IPE   
GEO 380.12 Geography of Latin America LAC    
GEO 380.13 Economic Geography   IPE  Yes  
GEO 380.14 Political Geography   ISD   List A
GEO  380.18  Intro to the Study of the Relationship Between Poverty, Social Exclusion & Sustainable Development    IPE   
GEO  380.19  The Asian World and Latin America  ASIA/LAC     
IRP 334 Contemporary Issues in Chile and Latin America (Fall, Spring) LAC    
IRP  380.2  Introduction to International Economic Policy    IPE  Yes 
IRP  380.4  Instruments of Foreign Policy    ISD   List A
IRP 380.5 Asia, an Emerging Mega-Region ASIA  ICC   
IRP 380.6 Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Human Rights   ILO   
IRP 380.7 International Integration in Latin America LAC IPE/ILO   
IRP  380.8  Human Security and Potential Threats    ISD   
IRP 424 Dictatorships, Human Rights and Historical Memory in Chile and the Southern Cone (Fall, Spring) LAC ICC/ILO/ISD   List B
LAS  380.25  Latin American 20th Century Seminar LAC  IPE   
PSC 380 Human Rights in Latin America LAC ILO   
PSC  380.1  International Organizations   ILO   
PSC 380.12 Defense Policy Challenges in Current International Scene   ISD   List A
PSC 380.13 Regional Politics in Latin America LAC    
PSC 380.14 Topics of Strategic Analysis   ISD   
PSC 380.15 Politics and Social Movements LAC    
PSC  380.16  Human Rights: Compared Vision   ILO   
PSC  380.17  Armed Conflict and the Policies of Humanitarian Work   ISD   
PSC  380.18  Populism in Latin America  LAC     
PSC  380.19  Nationality, Identity and Citizenship    ICC   
PSC  380.23 Borders in Latin America  ICC   
PSC 380.26 International Migrations in Latin America LAC    
PSC 380.28 Global Governance, Origins, Characteristics and Challenges  ILO   
PSC  380.31  Analysis of Foreign Policy of Latin American Countries  LAC  ISD   
PSC  380.4 Political Organizations of Chile LAC     
PSC  380.5  Chilean Foreign Policy  LAC  ISD   
PSC  380.7  International Human Rights    ILO   
PSC  380.8  Political Corruption in Latin America  LAC     
PSC  380.9  Introduction to Latin American Politics  LAC     
PST 380.3 Economics of Engery and Climate Change  IPE   
SOC  380.1  Latin American Culture and Soceity LAC  ICC   


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Additional courses are offered outside of the Social Sciences that may count for the major, upon petition.  These courses will be reviewed on an individual basis.  Please discuss with the IR advisors.