Study Abroad Course Lists

An additional advantage of studying abroad is the chance to take courses while applying your studies in a field setting. The Study Abroad Course Lists we outline in this section count towards the International Relations major. As course offerings frequently change, courses are listed by destination rather than semester or year. Course descriptions and additional details are posted on the SU Abroad website. Additional classes may be approved, as applicable, and students must have their course registration approved by an IR Advisor.

Geographic Regions

Advanced courses (300-level or higher) that count toward the major’s Geographic Region concentration are identified as follows:
AFR = Africa;
ASIA = Asia;
EUR = Europe;
LAC = Latin America & the Caribbean;
MENA = Middle East-North Africa. 

Topic Concentration

Advanced courses that count toward the major's Topic Concentration are identified as follows:
ICC = Intercultural Communication;
IPE = International Political Economy;
ILO = International Law & Organization;
ISD = International Security & Diplomacy. 

Course List by Study Abroad Location

Beijing, China
Central Europe
Florence, Italy
Hong Kong, China
London, United Kingdom
Madrid, Spain
Santiago, Chile
Strasbourg, France