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The Paris Climate Agreement
Professor Peter Wilcoxen, Department of Public Administration and International Affairs, and Professor Jacob Bendix, Geography Department
Monday, October 30th
1:00 pm in 225B Eggers Hall

Bring your own lunch. Cookies and fruit to be served.
Previous guests at Conversations in IR have included the following:

2016-2017 Conversations
Seth Jolly and Alan Allport - Brexit: A Turning Point for UK-EU Relations
Francine D'Amico - Uniting Nations: The Next Secretary General
Fred Carriere - What Can the Trump Administration Do About North Korea?
Matt Cleary - Is Democracy Under Threat in Latin America?
Robert Murrett - Strategic Challenges to the NATO Alliance

2015-2016 Conversations
Jason Yaley and Matt Zeller- Career Conversation
Yuksel Sezgin- The Syrian Civil War: Threats, Challenges, and Opportunities for Turkey
Dimitar Gueorguiev, J. David Richardson, Daniel McDowell- Does the Trans-Pacific Partnership Matter for International Relations?
Rafael Fernandez de Castro- Is Mexico a Foreign Priority for the Obama Administration?
Dimitar Gueorguiev- Reflecting on China's Ups and Downs in 2016

2014-2015 Conversations
Mary Lovely- Talkback: An Open Session with Dr. Lovely
Chris Grant- Training You Really Need for a Career in International Affairs
Francesca Ling- The African Coffee Trade: Architecture in Ethiopian Coffee Production
Jackob von Wagner- German-American Relationships Since the Fall of the Berlin Wall
Laurie Marhoefer- The Streets of Berlin 9 November 1989: Chance and Contingency

2013-2014 Conversations
Rodney Cunningham- From Maxwell to the State Department: Reflections on a Life in the Foreign Service
Peter Castro- Conflict Resolution and Livelihoods in Mopti Region, Mali
Mehrzad Boroujerdi- A Revolution Turning Into a Civil War
Returned Peace Corps Volunteers - Life in the Peace Corps
Brian Taylor- Putin and the Russian State
PAIA Alumni - Getting Your Foot in the Door: Videoconference with Maxwell Alumni at the World Bank
John Lambeth - The Deep end of Information Security: Navigating Leadership in an International Defense Company

2012-2013 Conversations
Hana Cervinkova - Culture and Reconciliation: A New Short Term Course Abroad
Ryan Williams - Maxwell-in-Washington: Courses and Internships for IR Majors
Ramaswami Balasubramaniuam - Unexpected Visits by the Elephants: Perspectives on Community-Based Development in Karnataka
Azra Hromadzic - What Anthropology Can Tell Us About International Humanitarian Interventions
Merril Silverstein - Population Aging in China
Miriam Elman - Democracy and International Security

2011-2012 Conversations
John McPeak - Research on Reducing Risk for African Pastoralists
Team Chen 
- Studying in Beijing, China
Dean Jim Steinberg 
- Q&A with the Dean on International Affairs
Jorgen Johansen 
- SU Abroad, A Life in Peace Activism
Student Panel 
on Study Abroad Questions
Daniel Lederman 
- The World Bank, Choosing the Next World Bank President
Keli Perrin 
- How Research Improves Homeland Security