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The Harlan Cleveland Award for Excellence in International Policy Issues 2015 
Ivan Zhivkov

Ivan Zhivkov 2015

This year’s recipient is Ivan Zhivkov.  He has combined his International Relations major with a major in History and a minor in Political Science. For International Relations, his topic concentration is International Security & Diplomacy and his geographic region concentration is Europe. A native speaker of Bulgarian, Ivan has also studied Italian through the intermediate level, and he studied abroad in Florence, Italy, and Istanbul, Turkey. A 4-time veteran participant of our Model United Nations Team, this year he served as Assistant Head Delegate for the NMUN-DC conference representing Chile and Head Delegate for the NMUN-NYC conference representing Ecuador, where he chaired the C-34 Special Committee on Peacekeeping. Both MAXWELL-MUN teams were named “Outstanding Delegations” by the conference organizers, due in large part to his leadership.  Ryan Williams, Director of our Maxwell-in-Washington DC Center, endorsed his nomination for the Cleveland Policy Award with these words:  “If I could have a classroom full of Ivans, my world would be unstoppable.  His positive attitude about everything is nothing short of infectious!”