The G. Matthew Bonham Scholar of the Year Award 2015:
Thomas Jenry 'TJ' Tree

Thomas 'TJ' Tree 2015

This year’s recipient is Thomas Jenry 'TJ' Tree, who ranks among the top students academically of our 140-member IR major graduating class and exhibits intellectual curiosity in every undertaking. TJ has combined his major in International Relations with a major in Writing & Rhetoric. His geographic area of concentration is Middle East/North Africa, and his topic concentration is International Security & Diplomacy.  He studied abroad at our SU Center in Strasbourg, France, in Fall 2013, and he participated in the US Military Academy’s Student Conference on US Affairs in Fall 2014, where he debated a scenario about US foreign policy toward a potentially nuclear-armed Iran.  TJ's capstone research project on Iran’s nuclear enrichment program, titled “Not So Fast: Iran and Nuclear Proliferation Realities” will be published in the next issue of Sigma Iota Rho’s Journal of International Relations