The Goodwin Cooke Award for Leadership in International Relations 2016:

Virginia Giannini

Virginia Giannini 2016

This year’s recipient is Virginia Giannini.  Virginia was a member of the International Relations Learning Community during her first year at Syracuse University and then served as a resident advisor for the IR Learning Community as a sophomore.  She is combining her major in International Relations with a major in Public Relations in Newhouse. A native speaker of Italian, Virginia also opted to study Arabic to the advanced intermediate level, and she studied abroad in both Herzliya, Israel, and Rabat, Morocco.  This year she served as a Syracuse University Remembrance Scholar and participated in our award-winning Model United Nations Team representing New Zealand in the Security Council.  She is also participating in our Distinction Program for International Relations. She has been a leader not only in the International Relations Program as an officer in our Sigma Iota Rho Honor Society, where she has kept our IRLC-SIGMA Mentor program active and engaged, but also in our campus community in her activities with the CAS Dean’s Team, the European Student Association, and the Near East Foundation.