The G. Matthew Bonham Scholar of the Year Award 2017:
Ilana Rachel Siegal

Ilana Siegal 2017

This year’s recipient is Ilana Siegal, who ranks as the top student academically of our approximately 120-member major graduating class and exhibits intellectual curiosity in every undertaking.  Her geographic area of concentration is Middle East/North Africa, and her topic concentration is International Political Economy, with a particular focus on global health issues.  Ilana is participating in our Distinction Program in International Relations and in the Renee Crown University Honors Program under the supervision of Political Science Associate Professor Miriam Elman.  Her IR Distinction capstone research project is titled “The Impact of Conflict on Palestinian Health: a United Nations Perspective.” She also served as a Remembrance Scholar for 2016-2017 and has participated in the College of Arts & Sciences Dean’s Team, the SU Ambulance Service, and Global Brigades medical services, embodying the idea of “scholarship in action.”  She plans to attend medical school.