The Goodwin Cooke Award for Leadership in International Relations 2017:

Lynsey Cooper

Lynsey Cooper 2017

This year’s recipient is Lynsey Cooper. Lynsey is combining her major in International Relations with minors in Management Studies and in French/Francophone Studies, which led her to study abroad in Strasbourg, France.  Her topic concentration is Intercultural Communication and her region concentration is Africa.  Her capstone research project for the Renee Crown University Honors Program examines the role of foreign aid organizations in shaping government development policy in East Africa; her capstone advisor is Dr. Deborah Pellow of the Anthropology Department.  This year Lynsey is also served as a Syracuse University Remembrance Scholar and participated in a panel presentation by Remembrance Scholars for first-year students in our International Relations Learning Community.  She participated in our award-winning Model United Nations Team in Spring 2016 representing New Zealand and served as co-head delegate for the Team in Fall 2016 representing Rwanda in the Washington NMUN conference and in Spring 2017 for the Team representing Cameroon in the New York conference.